Morning Quickies 2/12/2011 has another fun addicting hit with the game Tasty Planet.  Give it a whirl and se how big you can get!  Its also on the Iphone.  Check it out here. punctures a few common myths about mobile gaming.  Check it out here. has a good article on the new releases on Nintendo services in Europe.  if your across the pond check it out here. also has some screens from ‘New Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection’.  They report its being released this spring in japan.  The rest of us?  Oh…ya know…when they need a bump to their quarterly profit they will bother letting us play.  Check it out here.

The folks at always have the hot tips for good deals.  One that caught my eye was walmart selling games from $2-15.  Bard’s Tale $5, Brutal Ledgend $10, Bioshock $15.  Check it out here. wraps up a story about a paramedic who bashed her boss on facebook and was fired over it.  Check it out here. has a story about 10 ways to show geek love.  Now I am not sure what they think geek is…but unless your the sort of couple that does Conan cosplay I don’t think a bleeding heart cake will lend itself to romance.  Check it out here.

On they mention you can play Deadspace 2 with the Devs this Sat.  Just make sure you follow the RSVP link in their article!  Check it out here.

Demon Souls the unofficial x-box sequel to Demon Souls on PS had another interesting tidbit released on, there will be no demo or DLC.  Check it out here.

I actually saw someone complaining about how comics are becoming weirder …. so to set you up for the weekend and in celebration of DCUO’s success here is a panel from an old comic.

Weirder?  I think not.

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