Morning Quickies 2/10/2011

Yhatzee over on  reviews Dead Space 2.  He is the King Monkey of furious nit picking and its a delight to watch.  Check ti out here.

Fox news calls out Bulletstorm and says it will encourage kids to be violent and increase rapes.  Apparently playing out sex scenes means your a rapist in Fox world.  Check it out here, I’d suggest after a few stiff drinks to be able to get through it. was able to get Epic Games/People Can Fly’s response.  Check it out here. has a story on how Dragon Age II their sticking with ‘mature themes’.  Violence, who cares about violence…it has sex in it oh noes!  I wonder if Fox will start bad mouthing them too or if they only pick on smaller publishers.  Check it out here. Of course maturity is in reality harder to pin down.  It reminds me of a Gameoverthinker covering these themes in comics and games and what might happen.  Check it out here.

I heard that there was a Transformers 3 movie commercial in the Superbowl so I popped over to to check it out, trying to stuff the horrific nightmares of the first two awful horrors away so I wouldn’t prejudge it.  The flickering ADD shots make it hard to figure much out, but what what I saw Id rather be strapped down and forced to watch Twilight.  Check it out here.

Over at they have a good summary of a dustup  over the anti-harassment policy and it has some solid information and ideas about sexual violence to women and men.  Its serious stuff, but well worth reading.  Check it out here.

Bill Roper, former CEO for Flagship – the company that made Hellgate”London, has an cool insider  interview over at on what happened to drive the game under.  Check it out here. has a story about wait…Halo 5?  While showing off Tech a company also has on its desk top a very interesting icon.  Check it out here.  They also have a story about a leak of Halo” Reach’s new map pack.  Check it out here.

“You may try to rationalize a myth, but you shall never destroy the truth.”

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