Episode 60: Of Doom

doom-screenshots-7 We’ve made it to 60, now what? Contrary to popular belief, we think it’s all UPHILL from here! Kelly, Andy and Mike talk a few games, list a few new releases, drool over some juicy rumors and answer some awesome questions. All in all, it sounds like a normal crazy week even if we’ve hit the ripe old age of 60!

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This Week in Gaming

Rumor Mill

  • DC Universe Online will be releasing new caper missions every month or so that will focus on a specific villain or hero. February’s update will focus on Catwoman.
  • For those of you that just can’t get enough Dark Tower, expect to see a Dark Tower video game to coincide with the movie release.
  • Fox is setting up a new reality game show where the audience controls the players. Set up as a facebook game, the audience’s input will directly affect what happens to the players on the show. ($5 says the audience just tells the two hot girls to make out).

Question of the Week

What’s the best game ending of all time?

  • Rioriel: Soleil (on the Genesis) – still my favourite game of all-time – had such a lovely touching ending which made it all worth it!
  • Starmike: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
  • Ninjasuperspy: Clash at Demonhead’s post-final-boss random medallion hijinks was the biggest gut punch ever….. There was going to be a second part of that joke, but work just got real so pretend I said something trenchant.
  • loweryc: Might & Magic V when you beat the game and both flat sides combined into one planet. Or the first Diablo.
  • Azarizotza: I still have a special place in my heart for Star Fox 64. Fox’s father guiding out of a hopeless situation.
  • cardfrek: Bad Dudes!
  • that_ghoul_ava: Metroid! Finding out Samus was a chick was huge back then
  • Derevka: Ooh, gotta agree with Ava on that one. Samus being a chick was a … WHAAAAAAA?!!!
  • Samodean: Old school: Ninja Gaiden, great reward for a challenging game. Recently: Castlevania Lords of Shadow. Epic.
  • Seanhagen: That would be Okami ( only game so far that has tugged on the ol’ heart-strings )
  • NairobiCao: Starcraft 2.

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