Morning Quickies 2/3/2010

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Hi Guys!  I am Nightwill, aka the Altaholic, I’ll be working on your Morning quickies of fun game news from around the web.  If you run across anything of interest send to to the Polygamerous site or to me directly Nightwillpg (at) so we can pass on the gossip, rumors, deals, and other fun info that makes games entertaining.

So lets begin,

Test your might!

Flawless victory.

Perfect to introduce the first bit of tasty info.  Over at they have screen shots of Kratos in Mortal Kombat, if there is any group of bloodthirsty smashers Kratos would get along with its got to be these guys.  Go check it out here. As an older story they covered the leaked unannounced characters, its here. had a chance to speak with Bungie’s Joseph Staten on the Master Chief character design for HALO.  Go check it out here.  Its pretty interesting but what really caught my eye is the confirmation another developer in Microsoft has been given HALO.  I’m guessing cash making spin offs are in the works.

If you like Angry Birds and football has some info for you.  A secret code is going to be released in the Rio ad for a new level that if finished will send you to a contest entry to attend Rio’s would premiere.   Go check it out here. picked out a very interesting part of  Nowgamer .com’s interview with  Treyarch about how ‘angry gamers’ stifle creativity.  Its some definite food for thought especially given the seething cesspool some games voice chats turn into.  Go check it out here, and the original interview here.

Just 4 more days left on the last of the limited Pokemon for preordering Black & White from your local Gamestop.  Check it out here has an android ap out now.  Given how awesome their website is for free play games it certainly makes me wish I had an android!  Check it out here!

ABCnews. com has a story about how Catwoman is the first character to have a new story introduced in DCUO.  Sony says it plans to use the many characters in the DC universe to release ‘regular’ game updates.  Heck with as many masked characters they have they could make one just about every week.  Check it out here.

The folks at have an amusing story about how being a gamer doesn’t make you a better driver in the real world.  Now I’m on the fence about this issue but I feel compelled to point out in the later part of the (small) survey Continental Tires did (How reputable is their info i wonder) they contradict that at least in part. Check it out here.
I also have to note that back in the 80’s they figured out that the majority of drivers felt that they were superior in skill to the majority of other drivers.

Twisted Pixel games has a trailer out on youtube for their new Kinect game and damn if it doesn’t look like a helluva lot of fun.  Check it out here.

You might also notice their ad for Ms. ‘Splosion Man.  Coming sometimes this year, that’s like a Blizzard release date.  Check it out here.

Real world tech too weird for words. carries a story about how invisibility is real, if limited.  I’m still holding out for my flying Delorean.  Check it out here.

Yesterday on IGN the remake of the Oregon trail game comes out.  Now the original one was something I played obsessively, heck we used to have contests in class with that game in School.  So the remake leaves me less than interested but if I ignore the name it looks decently fun.  Check it out here. for Aryeh Loeb of Guerilla Games announces the release of the Killzone3 retro map pack.  Its available as DLC in the Playstation store or for free if you preorder through participating retailers.  That’s basically the big three, who have other candy with preordering this game.    Gamestop gives you 24 hours worth of access to every weapons and abilities, Best Buy 24 hours of bonus exp,  and Amazon 3 points to buy skills or guns with.    Check it out here.

I’ll add in another story their open beta is coming up tomorrow!  Check it out here. for Ken Schramm of Sucker Punch Productions also has a story about the new morality system for inFAMOUS 2 (Man I hate that capitalization).  Its interesting and might be better than the black and white of the last game but I’m in a wait and see attitude.  Check it out here.

Weekly Playstation Store Update from Grace Chen’s Playstation Blog.  The highlights;
Assassin’s Creed 2 Deluxe free game trial.  Mega Man 2 (PS1 Import) 3.00.  Check it out here. carries a story about how Sony has intimated that gamers outside Japan may not be getting their hands on the newly-announced NGP this year.  I feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in QQing rage.  Check it out here.

Well I covered a bit of ground today, Ill hopefully be able to find some deeper sources for Nintendo and X-Box info.

“The most potent kiss leaves a gaping chest wound.”

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