Episode 59: NGP: Next Gen Polygamerous

gameboy_original No, there really is nothing different this week about the show. We do talk about the missing Dark Lord of DubVee, however. Big stories include Sony revealing the NGP (oooooh), it’s Next Generation Portable, Call of Duty Black Ops double-xp weekend, and PS3 hacker news. Someone on the show rants about Magicka, we talk saddest moments in gaming and a little 3 finger investing.. If you know what I mean…

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This Week in Gaming

Rumor Mill

  • Sony is working on getting cloud computing for the PS3. That way you can load you save games from anywhere.
  • Nintendo is looking at classic favorite games from the NES and SNES to give them a graphics update and rerelease them on the Nintendo DS. 11/11/11

Question of the Week

What is the saddest moment you remember playing a game?

  • _LouG: Killing Dracula for the first time in Castlevania. Happiest moment irl, saddest in game storyline moment.
  • Llanion: The fight against the Mammon Machine in the Ocean Palace, during Chrono Trigger.
  • PixelExecution: (ChronoTrigger) Same game, but Marle’s reaction to Crono’s utter annihilation. (the resulting reunion was a major tear-jerker, too).
  • Aleveria: the Redpath / Darrowshire questline in Vanilla WoW
  • Vinncent26: When Zack died in FFVII Crisis Core
  • Cerbstarraiser: In Lost Odyssey, when Lirum passes away with her two children at her side.
  • Azarizotza: I know this is going to be dominated by FFVII, so I’m gonna say Arthas ascending to the Frozen Throne in Warcraft 3: TFT. I think the clincher of that cinematic is the voices. Especially Muradin saying “What’s happened to you, Arthas?”
  • RPGmaniac05: Watching each of my party members die/get murdered one after the other in Digital Devil Saga 2 as they tried to talk to God.OR Yuna having to lose Tidus after everything they went through to save her in FFX. (No! FFX-2’s “true” ending doesn’t count!)
  • Dechion: Saddest moment: the day I realized that WoW had stopped being fun and turned into a chore.
  • Icesnake1950: Saddest moment ever: Wrathgate.

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