Listener Review: Free Rice

freerice.comDo you know what Nil means? Guffaw? How about cosmopolite? Do you like the idea of helping people?

Then there is a game for you. has a simple premise – every successful answer to a vocabulary you get right they donate rice to the hungry. 10 grains a win. You can see your bowls stack up on the screen as you work on building your bowls. Some of them are amazingly hard. After all how often do you use conjunctivis in a sentence? But if you fail try to remember ’cause that work will come round again.

Levels of vocabulary can be changed, and it can be a fairly amusing way to pass the time with your friends as you guess at if a truckle is and does it have anything to do with a rath.

Great to play via mobile device or when your listening to your awesome polygamerous podcast. You exercise your mind, help the hungry, and keep yourself entertained nearly endlessly.


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