Episode 58: Tetris Pr0n

tetris1 We dub this the week of the Dead. Space that is.. Dead Space 2 is spooged about profusely by Andy this week and the 3DS (and it’s games) price point is discussed vehemently, of course. The usual suspects are all there, rumors, reviews, email, Marty and we round it all out with a Question of the Week about tutorial levels!

Also, be sure to listen so you know how to score a Beta Key for Rift or Gods & Heroes! You know you want one..

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This Week in Gaming

  • (Joystiq) Portal 2 Getting User Created Content On All Platforms
  • (Shacknews) Frank West Cut From Marvel vs. Capcom 3; Phoenix Wright Being Considered for Post-Release Update
  • (Shacknews) Activision Reportedly Using Multiple Teams to Develop Modern Warfare 3
  • Disney Interactive implements mass layoffs; status of Junction Point, Black Rock currently unknown (via Joystiq)
  • Beyond Disney Interactive’s layoffs today at Junction Point and last week’s closure of Propaganda Games, sources tell Joystiq that the division’s job cuts go much deeper. We’ve been informed in this “first round” of layoffs that 250 people have been let go.
    Numerous attempts to obtain an official statement from Disney have gone unanswered. There is currently no word on the overall status of Split/Second developer Black Rock Studios nor Warren Spector‘s Junction Point, which recently released Disney Epic Mickey, a title we’ve been told has not sold as well as expected. Sources also tell us that the fate of Spector could be separate from that of the studio.
    Massive changes at the division have come at a steady clip ever since Disney bought social game developer Playdom for upwards of $563.2 million. Then there was the double-barreled resignation of longtime boss Graham Hopper and bigwig Steve Wadsworth. It is currently the era of James Pitaro and former Playdom CEO John Pleasants, who are seeking not to repeat the division’s $234 million loss this fiscal year.
  • Duke Nukem Forever FINALLY Releasing May 3, 2011 (via Joystiq)
    It will have taken over a decade to get here, but we can finally, definitively tell you that Duke Nukem Forever may really, actually launch on May 3 in North America, followed by its worldwide release on May 6. Game Informer exclusively revealed the launch date alongside cheeky remarks from Gearbox Software prez Randy Pitchford, who humbly characterized his company’s experience with the project as “inconceivable, incorrigible and inspiring.”
    2K Games head Christoph Hartmann was equally excited, exclaiming, “The moment fans all over the world have been waiting for is almost here … His return is going to be epic and one that will make video gaming history!” And we tend to agree — DNF will be that rare game that’s impressive simply for being released. Heck, we haven’t felt that way about a game since Gran Turismo 5.
  • GameStop Prices 3DS Titles at $40-50 (via Kotaku)
    Most Nintendo 3DS games will cost $40, though two are listed at $50 in a list GameStop is giving to customers who preorder the new handheld. Projected release dates are given for 26 titles, with the 3DS remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time confirmed for June 2.
    Kotaku was sent this list by a reader; we have confirmed its information with multiple GameStop locations in different regions of the United States.
    Only Dead or Alive Dimensions and Samurai Warriors Chronicles, set for release 12 days before the 3DS, were listed at $49.99. The remainder, from Madden NFL Football 3D to Super Street Fighter IV to Kid Icarus: Uprising and Resident Evil: Mercenaries, are $39.99.
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for 3DS was specifically confirmed as a June 2 street date. All other games’ dates are tentative and unconfirmed by their publisher. (3DS games’ launch window has been defined as beginning March 27, and the list gives three titles with dates preceding that.)
    This is the list of titles being given to customers.

    • March 15
      • Dead or Alive Dimensions $49.99

      • Samurai Warriors Chronicles $49.99

    • March 22

      • Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars $39.99

    • March 27

      • Madden NFL Football $39.99

      • Sims 3 $39.99

      • Nintendogs & Cats $39.99

      • Steel Diver $39.99

      • Pilotwings Resort $39.99

      • Super Street Fighter IV $39.99

    • April 2

      • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow $39.99

      • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell $39.99

      • Asphalt $39.99

      • Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs $39.99

      • Rabbids Travel in Time $39.99

    • June 1

      • Cartoon Network SuperToon Rumble $39.99

    • June 2

      • Animal Crossing 3D $39.99

      • Mario Kart 3D $39.99

      • Paper Mario 3D $39.99

      • Dream Trigger $39.99

      • Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D $39.99

      • Kid Icarus: Uprising $39.99

      • Star Fox 64 3D $39.99

      • Super Monkey Ball $39.99

    • July 6

      • Resident Evil: Mercenaries $39.99

    • Sept. 2

      • Face Kart: Photo Finish $39.99

      • Pet Zombies in 3D $39.99

  • (gamingangels) Add a little Dead Space 2 to your Dragon Age 2
    BioWare and Visceral Games (both part of EA) are working together to bring the “Ser Issac of Clarke” heavy armor set to Dragon Age II. You’ll have to have Dead Space 2 for it to work, since the instructions are included with copies of the game.
  • (1up) Monkey Island Games Porno Parody
    The Secret of Spunky Island
  • (joystiq) Bethesda Confirms Skyrim Mod Support and Will Release Creation Kit
    Bethesda’s fifth Elder Scrolls game, like Oblivion before it, will allow for extensive player customization, according to the developer. “We’ve always been impressed with what the community has done with our tools,” a rep for the company said on its forums, revealing, “Like the Elder Scrolls Construction Set for Morrowind and Oblivion, we plan to release [a] Creation Kit so you guys can mod Skyrim.”

Rumor Mill

  • Gear of War: Exile will be revieled soon.
  • The PSP2 will have 3G conectivity.
  • Expect to see many more cross game bonuses from EA games like the Deadspace 2 and Dragonage 2 one.

Question of the Week

Are required game tutorial levels good or should they all be optional (or should we all just RTFM) ?

  • Etherjammer: I’m of two minds. On the one hand, a required tutorial means that you don’t get 4 hours into a game and realize that you don’t know how to do X required maneuver. On the other hand, required tutorials reduce replay value. As for RTFM, it’s arguable that tutorials are better because they establish muscle memory. Ideal tutorial levels can be skipped with a warning that first-time players really should do them.
  • Stealthyslyth: I like training levels, so long as the game devs make them fun
  • rpgmaniac05: I think they should be interactive not just the “watch me play for you” type and optional for subsequent playthroughs.
  • 35yards: Tutorials should be incorporated into the larger gameplay for streamlining
  • netraven001: If the manuals were worth a damn, I’d read them and skip the tutorials.ArchitecttheMad: They should be optional after the first playthrough. I don’t want to do Eden Prime, Candlekeep etc every time.
  • belghast: Always optional, they are great the first time but on character 10 get a little tired :) . I’ve restarted the fallout games so often that I long for a “skip this annoying crap” quest option.
  • Jarnaez: Depends on how established it is. Certain game styles will be fairly ubiquitous while others less so.
  • NinthBatter: i wish more things had a quick tutorial. Like your taxes… or sex.
  • danudey: if you can’t make everything discoverable, provide tips the first time the player is supposed to do something.
  • glassofwater2: I say optional if the game is easy, if it is wicked hard then yes they should be required

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