Indie Game review: Paper Sky and Almost total mayhem.


Hey everyone I am back with this weeks Indie game review segment.

So you have a Xbox 360 and 160 credits to burn?  Then I have two perfect games for you.
”Paper Sky” and “Almost total mayhem” both games are 80 credits each and the game play for each was amazing.

So Paper Sky is a scrolling shooter game, there a great number of challenging levels.  It took me forever to get past the first level but once you get the hang of it, the sky is the limit.
Yes I made that pun.
The great thing about this game is the co-op mode, you can play with others in a local setting only, but my 9 yr old boy and I had a blast playing this.
We played this game for about 30 minutes and had fun and never felt like it was getting repeative which in a scrolling shooter is amazing.
You can not get a more entertaining game for 80 (xbox live) credits.

I tracked down the trailer for the game from the offical youtube channel of the game’s creator, Native Studio.  Have a look at some of this intense game play and pictures.

Paper Sky Trailer from Native Studios

Next up we have a funny game that is best played in local co-op mode called Almost total mayhem.

The object of the game is pretty simple, you get to the bomb before the other team and then throw it at their base.
During this you have a sword you can use to take care of the other players, now I know what you are thinking. 
Wow sounds really bloody, well this game is not for the fact that it is very Cartoon drawing based.  As pictured here

This has been a blast to play with the two boys I have, a lot of smack-talk around the house because of it.
I think this game is worth every bit of 80 (xbox live) credits.

You can find both of these games on the xbox live market place and then go to the indie games category.

Well that is going to do it for this week as always if you want to leave a comment below they are welcomed as well as a email to and at  Also find me on Steam CrazyArse as well as Xbox Live as CrazyArseTX (do you notice a theme?)
Till next time have a blast playing games that are entertaining, but do not empty your wallets!

About Nick McKinney

Nick has been playing computer games and taking computers apart since he was 9 or 10 years old. He was on a TI system and then got the up and coming IBM 8088 and that is where his passion for gaming began with a helicopter game called Flight simulator, now that was before Microsoft bought them out. In his mid-teens he played all sorts of games. Yes he even played Leisure Suit Larry… and then all the way up to Civilization. He loves to play the odd ball games an that is why he gravitates toward the “Indie game” genre.