Indie Game Review – Winter Voices Episodes 1 and 2

Winter Voices is a RPG/Turn based game developed and published by Beyondthepillars the game will run on windows based computer systems (no mac support at this time).

The game is as stated before, a turn based game; I pulled over the demo and played the first few levels. The graphics are better than you first expect and the mix between reading the dialogue box and listening to the characters talking can confuse you at first but in time you get used to this. The hub is the basic design your hit points/character portrait is in the right side, your options menus are on the left side, and your main spells and controls are in the bottom middle. The game has to be played in order, no skipping episode 1 to play episode 2, and can be saved and continued later. Here is a screen shot to show you what I am talking about.

Main Hub


So as you can see the graphics are not bad and it runs very smooth on both my XP and windows 7 machines.

The game is based on three character types, a huntress, weaver, and a Volva. Each type is a different set of skills and talent tree. Your character is level based and you get XP for doing everything , like talking to town folk to killing ghosts and even some XP for escaping/fleeing. At each level you get talent points that you can unlock new skills/spells. So throughout the game you get new abilities and this really makes the game more fun and exciting, you can choose any combination you want to beef up your character. The company plans to release at least 7 episodes total with plenty of game play over the next year.

So if you are looking for a different type of RPG/turn based game Winter voices would be a great fit, Steam has both episodes up for download for $9.98. A great 10 hours of game play and a great story to sink your teeth into for under 10 bucks.

Till next time this is Nick take care and happy gaming!

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