Episode 50: Just the 2 Of Us

2988131 The cast is down to 2 this week. Andy and Kelly keep the lights on while they talk about a few Black Friday deals ( a little late now, eh? ), a few juicy rumors and a holiday gift giving Question of the Week. An email and a voicemail round out the show! At some point Kelly turns into a robot but don’t worry, she got better!

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This Week In Gaming

  • The Shattering most likely to happen tomorrow: Among other things, the world is supposed to end in WoW tomorrow. Race/class combos will be available, and beta testing is officially over.
  • Y U No Let Me Use Swastika: Stephan Tolouse explains why swastikas are still a big no-no.
  • Atlus brings Radiant Historia for the DS Feb 2011: Atlus’ newest venture, Radiant Historia, is, as described: “a fantasy Quantam Leap.”

Rumor Mill

  • Bioware will be revealing their new game at the VGA awards. It should have “mass” appeal.
  • Not really a rumor but here’s some insight to as why EA has taken over control of marketing for SWTOR. As you may know Bioware is a partner company in EA. Basically they get all the EA funding with out EA having control on content or company organization. Lucas Arts use to be in charge of SWTOR’s marketing but Bioware has been pushing to market the game themselves. The compromise was to have an EA team do the marketing which is also composed of Bioware people. So for those that are worried about Lucas having complete control over the IP, don’t worry. Because of the contract Lucas Arts signed, Bioware has 100% control of all gameplay, transactions, and story.

Question of The Week

Are you buying a game or something game related as a gift for the holidays? What?

  • eharvester: for my two youngest daughters, I’m upgrading their Gameboys to DS’s
  • belghast: this assumes I have any idea what I am buying for anyone :) But 90% likely that I will be, especially for niece on DS
  • kenichan: If the person receiving the gift is a gamer, I would.
  • frak_you: do sex dice count?
  • MetalGearBAE:  tried to pre-order MVC3 and Duke Nukem forever on amazon for my bro but they haven’t confirmed release date delivery yet.
  • Ninthbatter: getting my parents and Xbox. We’ll see if I regret this later.
  • battlechicken: Not sure about this year, but the past 3 years I have for my husband, incl. a Naga mouse, calendar, & character poster.
  • Spinestalker: I’m buying myself Cataclysm, does that count?
  • tartdarling: I would like to, money permitting. I was given gaming gifts as an early christmas gift if that counts too!
  • justicejuice:  I bought myself Minecraft. Wait Christmas was 2 weeks ago??  #futuretweet
  • thesyddiegrl: Probably getting NCAA 11 for my brother, it’s the only thing he could name that he wanted when asked!
  • Fimlys: Yes, I’m picking up the CE version of Cataclysm for my son… Shh.. he doesn’t know!

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