Review Fable III DLC: Understone Quest Pack

While the DLC is fun and does open a few more hours of content, the moral judgment involved in this Fable III DLC(by Lionhead Studios) will forever confirm that the English are just as greedy as Americans. Well you can probably see where this review is going but I’m going to give this DLC the most objective review I can.

New Stuff

As the DLC’s name states, there is a new quest line that will take you into the depths of Understone which is sort of the Vault 101 of Fable. The quest is fun and adds a nice bit of Science Fiction to the game. Another addition is the Mercenary camp shooting range very similar to the Westcliff shooting range from Fable II. Probably the best addition is the Wheel of Misfortune that you originally saw in the retail game. The audio commentary provided by Reaver(Stephen Fry) and Hatch(Jonathan Ross) is great. I was laughing quite a bit from their quips.

They have also added a few weapons but nothing too amazing or game changing.

You Dirty Bastards

The major problem with this DLC is that if will take you less than 5 seconds(at most, took me less than a second) to download the entirety of the DLC. Which means friends, you have just been #$%@ed in the ass. The $5(400 MS points) DLC unlocks content that is already on your game disk. They are actually asking you to pay for ability to unlock something that you already have. Mind you other companies have done this before. For the most part the Zaeed Massani DLC for Mass Effect 2 was on the disk but you downloaded his loyalty mission from Xbox live. However Bioware gave you that DLC for free with a new copy of the game.



The content is fun and anything with Reaver is always a plus. The content is short and will only take you around 2 hours to complete. You already have all this content on your retail copy of the game, you are just paying 400 MS points to unlock the content. 2 “Really Lionhead? Really?” out of 5.

Hey Lionhead, just as a recommendation for the next time you do this. You should play some Barry White in the background. Why? Because I like listening to Barry White when you are making sex to me!

Review by Ninth Batter the author/creator of Nobody Like You.

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