Episode 49: Text 2 Genitals

censored-david Russell runs the roost this week! Blizzard looking at a console Diablo? A Persona 2 remake? Take a flying leap behind the couch? A Facebook game worth playing?!?!? All this and much, much, much less! A bunch of new games come out, Spudz does something with a balloon and even Mac Speak gets in on the act.

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This Week in Gaming

Rumor Mill

  • Mercenaries 3 is looking to hit store shelves in exactly one year.
  • In SWTOR every class will have at least 15 potential companion characters. Each companion will have their own unique storylines that you can aid them in. New parts of their story will unlock as you level. But be warned, if you have completely ignored some characters or do actions that they don’t approve of then they will turn on you.

Question Of The Week

What is your favorite website to get Gaming news?

  • Bryterside: Twitter and MMO Champion
  • randilj: joystiq.com
  • that_ghoul_ava: gametab. All at once!
  • stoppableforce: wire.vg
  • spudpuffinz: mmo-champion.com
  • starmike: Twitter. Updates generally come in from people faster than I can read the blogs the news comes from.
  • glassofwater: Polygamerous 😀
  • tinkerpriest: Massively, kotaku, curse.

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