Ravon’s Review: Star Trek: Legacy

Hey peeps Ravon here again from Wowtitans.net for another round of reviews.

68f24xThis week we are taking on Star Trek: Legacy by Bethesda / Mad Doc Software. The premise for the game is pretty easy to follow. You control a fleet of up to 4 ship designs through various missions in 3 Star Trek time lines. Those being Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek The Original Series and movies and also Star Trek: The Next Generation and movies era ships. Without giving too much away your main nemisis through the game is a Vulcan called T’Uerell who you must face down in the various time lines.

star-trek-legacy-20061129021919311-000The gameplay is a strategy space combat. This might sound absolutely brilliant and when I first picked it up I thought great. This is exactly what I want from a Star Trek franchise game is to be able to pilot my own ship woo hoo. Oh how wrong was I. imagesWhere Star Trek Online has succeeded amazingly in starship based game play Legacy has completed made a balls of it. The controls ( on PC anyway) are completely all over the place and even when you try to plug in a USB controller it is a nightmare to position your ship and fire it’s weapons and control your shields and repairs. In one word game play is horrible. Graphics wise though it is spectacular and I think the developers were thinking more on the look of the game than actually making sure that gamers enjoyed the experience of piloting their own ships. Oh Star Trek Armada where are you when we need you.

star-trek-legacy-20061129021923295_640wThe game itself was released for Windows PC’s and XBOX 360 and as I have only played the PC version I will not give a view on the XBOX 360 version which I can imagine would have to be better at controlling and maneuvering your vessels compared to that which was given in the PC version. We for the games sake I would hope so.

So what do I think of the game. Well it looks amazing but it could have been so much more. If done right like in Star Trek Online this game could have been huge but at the moment in my case it will sit unplayed for a very long time simply due to the fact that the game play will make you want to hurt your computer before you even get to hurt a Klingon in the game. The missions are simple and for what I played I have to say it is nice to have the ships at your hands as little you can do with them.

istar-trek-legacyi-20070105042727785-000Star Trek Legacy is currently available on Amazon starting at $18.99. Sorry but this is way too much for a game such as this and if anything I would suggest picking it up second hand. As always this is only my interpretation guys.

Article by Michael Rickard

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