Episode 47: Violence Solves Everything

Violence This week Polygamerous shows it’s TRUE political colors.. And.. The normal news, reviews, rumors and all that. It’s a post-Halloween show and it’s pretty darn scary! Square Enix going down the tubes? The man, the myth, the Pokemon is out of the fight? Find out who is playing WAY too much with their Golden Joystick! All this and well, a ball sack to the face, on this week’s Polygamerous!

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This Week In Gaming

  • (Major Nelson Blog) Xbox Dashboard update is live:
  • (Kotaku) Rumor: Resident Evil in the hands of SOCOM Developers:
  • (Joystiq) Square Enix cuts sales forcast by $100 Million:
  • (Kotaku) Violent Video Games: “They’ll Be Back” The United States Supreme Court is hearing that video game case this week, right? Right. The State of California vs. The Entertainment Merchants Association and Entertainment Software Association (aka “The Video Game Industry”). Oral arguments begin at the Supreme Court in front of Justices Roberts, Thomas, Kagan and the rest on Tuesday at 10am ET. What’s it about, again? Whether violent video games should be treated like pornography — in other words, whether there can be a type of violent video game that would be legal to sell to adults but illegal to sell to kids.
  • Pokemon Writer Dies at 61 A nation mourns….
  • So I Herd U Liek Minecraft – According to the official Minecraft stats page, more than 500,000 of the nearly 1.6 million registered players have already purchased a license for the game, which is still in the alpha phase of development. That’s pretty much unprecedented in the history of game development — certainly indie game development — and perhaps only comparable to a big-budget marketing effort; one that might secure those kinda pre-release purchase numbers through pre-orders and offer a limited “beta” trial of the game through a highly-controlled channel. So, yeah, Minecraft’s “alpha stage” success is unprecedented.
  • (gaming angels) 2010 Golden Joystick Awards The 2010 Golden Joystick Awards show was held today, and it was hosted by Rich Hall.Winners included Mass Effect 2, Assassin’s Creed II, Plants vs Zombies, and quite a few others.Did you vote? Did your favorite game win for it’s respective category? Total votes received were 1,543,309. Hopefully you threw one in there.The Golden Joystick Awards include games released from August 2009 – August 2010, which is why you may be scratching your head at a few of the nominations.Mass Effect 2 got the Ultimate Game of the Year award. Congrats to BioWare on that, and winning RPG of the year with it as well.
  • (kotaku) Bejeweled 3! Bejeweled 3, the first “true sequel” to the popular decade-old matching game that more than half a billion people have played, hits PopCap.Com and retailers on Dec. 7 for approximately $20.

Rumor Mill

What!? No Rumors…

Question of the Week

If you had a battlecry, what would it be and why?

  • SagibbsVentCo: “Fuck the Horde”?
  • Syrana: Learn 2 Drive!! Cuz I seem to hafta yell that like a gazillion times a day while I’m drivin >.>
  • MirlasElderay: “Cookie?” Because who could resist a yummy, tasty, awesome cookie? While they’re distracted, they die. — I also like The Tick’s: “Spoooooooooooooon!”  —  A more emphatic version of my original response “For the cookies!” because they must be retrieved from the evildoers
  • davstott: “Have Mercy” was pretty amusing tbh :)
  • glassofwater2: my battle cry would be “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • wowcynwise: Tally-ho! Onward! Q’plah!
  • magicKira: For The Muffins!
  • frak_you: I HAVE AIDS!! Because @Slash2Rustee is my hero.
  • Vagabond142: FOR PONY! Because ponies are awesome 😀
  • Icesnake1950: “Spoooooooon!” Because The Tick is awesome.
  • Rhoelyn: As a proud member of the Alliance, I adopt his battle cry from the Wrynn quest: GLORY TO THE ALLIANCE!
  • 3PipeProblems: ‘For Pony!’ or ‘Arcanite Reaper! Hooo!’
  • PixelExecution: My rogue’s battlecry is “You charge. I’ll loot the bodies.”
  • Mailia:  Fuck everything!
  • azarizotza: My Battle-Cry would be “I GIVE UP!”…heh heh that ought to throw em off…
  • Of_many_masks: “For ruin! For wrath! and for the red dawn!” Because the Rohirim are bad-asses. They were the Vikings of Middle-Earth.
  • ravonbrand:  My battlecry is Come feel the power of a Ravon’s roar. Cos I roar loudly right? It’s kinda cool no? No. No roar ;(
  • ninthbatter: They can take away our griefing, but they can never take away our T-Bagging!

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