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LogoportalHey guys. Ravonbrand here once again from for another of Ravon’s Reviews. This week we are going to cover another favorite of everyone’s, Portal.

Now I picked up Portal as a free download from Steam a couple of months ago and am still plating this amazing first person puzzle game. Lets take you first into the premise behind the game. You wake up in a test lab and are directed in the use and testing of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. It does exactly what it says on the tin by simply creating portals. One blue and one orange. You travel simply through one portal and exit the other so you can cover great distances or move objects distances also. As you play the game an artificial intelligence directs and monitors the player throughout various tasks. As you progress the artificial intelligence turns a little bad we will say and tries to kill you but as you escape you fight your way through to complex using your ASHPD until your final confrontation with the AI which is known as GLaDOS.



The game play for this is pretty simple. You control your character using the normal WASD format and the ASHPD using the mouse. It works just like any normal first person shooter except for the fact that you don’t shoot anything and have to use your portals to maneuver boxes and gun turrets to escape and progress through the various challenges and also through amazing gravity defying techniques. This can get a little disorientating at times and I had to take a step away from the computer a couple of times as my head was spinning with a sort of sickness you get on a very very wild roller coaster.


Recommended settings are as follows:

Operating system Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
CPU 1.7 GHz 3.0 GHz
Memory 512 MB 1 GB
Graphics hardware DirectX 8 video card DirectX 9 video card
Network Internet Connection

The games works effortlessly on most modern 3 year old or less computers and should not be a problem for players. Basically if your computer can play Half Life 2 then Portal is a breeze for it.

So why should I buy this game you maybe asking yourself and the simple answer is that it is one of the few first person games I have played that you can walk away from and feel comfortable doing it. The puzzle rooms themselves are not all that problematic and there are some challenging elements to it especially when you actually escape the white rooms themselves into the complex. The most interesting part was the 5 story jump sequence about 2/3 of the way into the game which took me forever to time right to get to the level of escape. If you buy the game via Steam which of course you should them there are also Steam achievements to complete which are great to complete as always and add a fantastic replay value to an already cheap game.


So in my summation of Portal it is a solid yet somewhat challenging first person puzzle game with a fantastic storyline to go along with it for what is basically a game you can complete in a couple of hours easily. Portal is currently €14.99 euro on Steam store with Portal 2 coming out in Feb 2011. Maybe we’ll get cake this time. But everyone knows the cake is a lie.


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