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Hey guys, Ravonbrand from Wowtitans.net here once again for a look at the old and favorite of many RTS players out there Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos. OK so yes this game has been around for a decade and yes many of you have played it but then again a lot of people have not and this is for them.

OK so what’s the scenario here. Well you basically lead the young prince Arthus to his eventual doom in this game from the formation of his Scourge to the solidify himself as their leader and then you have to save the world from the demonic Burning Legion There are 4 campaigns (Human, Scourge Orc and Night Elf) for you to play through and each of these is broken up into individual missions with amazing cut scenes in between filling in the story.

OK so this is similar to any RTS game. You build your structures and your units and move them about the world via the mouse clicks. The controls are very easy to pick up and with multiple ways to win the individual missions it gives you a great replay value to go back through missions and try different ways to complete it. As with most RTS games the game also comes with a world editor so you can make your own battlegrounds to play with over LAN or via the internet. I tried this feature with a few friends for the first time ever and must say was brilliant fun and you can spend hours just getting the map the way you want it. With the option of easy medium or hard settings (with hard being exactly that) it really is fun to go back and complete sections on the different difficulties and again gives it a lot of replay factors.

The system requirements for this game are ancient and any new or even 4-6 year old system runs the game easily on high settings and if playing over the internet then it requires a 26.8kbps connection which at this stage most people have. 

All in all Warcraft 3 gives you a fantastic insight into the story of Arthus and also the Burning Legion. Great game play and an even better storyline assist to make this a definite game to play for any World of Warcraft or RTS fan out there. Currently Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos is on the Blizzard store for €14:99 and $19.99 respectively.

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