Morning Quickies – October 26, 2010

dynastywarriors6 The entire Polygamerous podcast team all agreed to double my pay in an impromptu executive meeting at Blizzcon ($0 x 2 = $0, well within the budget), so I guess I’ll write a Morning Quickies again. Here’s a short summary of my thoughts for the morning: Dynasty Warriors 7, you guys, holy shit Dynasty Warriors 7.

  • (Destructoid) DYNASTY WARRIORS 7! Featuring the sons of Sima Yi and A TONFA BAZOOKA. Check the end of this post for a gameplay vid.
  • (Joystiq) I don’t often editorialize – haha, oh hell, who are we kidding – how in the hell is Silly Bandz going to be a DS game? Yes, those same stupid little vaguely-shaped rubber bracelets that your little (sibling/niece/nephew/other small child in your life) is having a friggin’ brain-spasm over trying to collect is now a game that frankly sounds like an Angry Birds ripoff: "Silly Bandz tasks players with freeing Bandz from capture by launching other Silly Bandz at the structures in which they are trapped."
  • (Massively) Following the trend set by LOTRO, EQII, and D&D Online, in 2011 Champions Online will be going free-to-play – at least partially. For those of you totally bowled over by the open-endedness of its character creator as compared to its little brother and obvious inspiration City of Heroes, the F2P version of Champions Online will feature the ability to pick Archetypes – basically streamlining the process to help you pick powers that are actually useful together. It actually looks like you might be able to customize your own Archetypes, too. Existing heroes and fully-customized future heroes will require a paid subscription, but the costume editor, the zones, the expansion packs, and Archetype-based heroes will be free. Here’s the full list from Cryptic.
  • (NintendoLife) Let’s redeem ourselves from the mention of Silly Bandz: here’s the first trailer of Cave Story‘s transition to DSiWare. It appears, with the upcoming release of both Cave Story and the current release of Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, Nintendo has decided that the end of the DSi’s lifespan is the perfect time to actually release some good DSiWare games. Thanks guys!

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