Extra Life 2010

There are times as a blogger/podcaster that you see something that you wholeheartedly want to support and be a part of.  For me, it has always been the Extra Life fundraiser that was started by Doc Adams of Sarcastic Gamer.  This is a fund raiser that started out supporting Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX.  More specifically, to raise funds for pediatric cancer research and treatments.  This has grown to now be a fundraiser for The Children’s Miracle Network.

This year I went to sign up and realized that I had forgotten my username and password from the previous years.  So I went in and after giving a little bit of information about myself, I was signed up.  From there it took me to a page to pick the hospital I wanted my donations to go to.  You can choose Children’s Miracle Network as a whole or your local CMN Hospital.

After having chosen the hospital, I clicked on the emails link in the side bar.  They tools they give you to get the word out about you doing the fundraiser are really well done.  You can upload a CSV file from just about any email program or website.  You get to add a personal message to each email that goes out.  This tool has been very helpful to me in the past.  The link posted on your donation page goes directly to a donation site that gives you a paypal and a credit card option.  There is also an option for checks and cash funds but I always encourage people to use paypal or the credit card so that they feel safer with the fraud protection options available to them via those methods.

I wanted to give a rundown of how simple it is to get signed up and to use the tools.  Why? You may ask.  So that anyone, and yes I do mean anyone, can participate in this fundraiser!  It is so easy to become a part of something greater than yourself.  We, as gamers, can do something we love to do and help out children in the process.  Besides, those with significant others; you now have an excuse to play games uninterrupted for 24 hours and raise money for The Children’s Miracle Network hospital of your choice!

So, readers and listeners of Polygamerous, here is my mission for you.  Go out and sign up  for Extra Life. Be a part of the Polygamerous Team!  If you can’t or don’t have the time to participate in Extra Life, then support someone who is (like me! donation link).  This is a great fundraiser for Childrens Miracle Network!  It is a great chance for you to do something for someone else and to be a part of something greater than yourself.

To boil it all down.  You, basically, get to play games and help heal kids.  Is there anything better than that?

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