Episode 44: Unchained Mammories

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21595_04_normal This week Polygamerous gets a few “surprising” topics to talk about. In addition to this weeks gaming news, we finally are starting to get back on track with game releases again including the new Castlevania game. We discuss the use of 3rd party controllers/input devices and their effect on the competitive landscape and answer a very “interesting” question in our weekly voicemail from Marty. I’m telling you, it’s all about “Huge Tracts of Land”…

Don’t forget to email us your questions, comments and reviews to info@polygamerous.com OR call in to our voicemail at 407-584-POLY (7659). And check out the new Three Controller Moon shirt in our Shirt Store! Also, we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be at the Twisted Nether Meetup at Blizzcon 2010. You can find more information on this meetup and how to join us over at the Twisted Nether Site.

This Week in Gaming

  • (1 up) 3DS May Prevent Piracy with Automatic Firmware Updates
    Nintendo has remained tight-lipped about what exactly its extensive plans are to battle piracy on the 3DS, but speaking during an investors meeting earlier this week (via Andriasang), Nintendo president Satoru Iwata explained at least one possible aspect of their defenses: automatic firmware updates.
    When asked by someone during the meeting what Nintendo’s plans are to combat piracy, Iwata replied that, “as part of the functionality of SpotPass, we’re looking into having automatic system updates via the Internet.” SpotPass, for those who don’t know, is a feature where a 3DS in sleep mode can still automatically connect with Wi-Fi access points to download various kinds of data — one of which, evidently, may be firmware updates.     Iwata said they’re looking at making the updates automatic because past methods required players to manually download updates, and that resulted in a lot of players not bothering to do so. He also said they may include firmware updates on new games, which will be possible due to the bigger size of 3DS carts.

Rumor Mill

  • Guillermo del Toro is going to be helping make a H.P. Lovecraft game. He will mainly be helping conceptualize creature design and aiding in the games art direction.
  • Following in the steps of Jack Black and Brutal Legend, Stephen Colbert will be lending his voice to a upcoming yet to be named game. However, word has it that the working title of the project is “Lawful Good”.

Question of the Week

Do you think the use of “special” 3rd party controllers/kb/mouse give an unfair advantage?


  • psynister: Nope. The tools are available to everyone, it’s your call whether or not to use them.
  • TimberWolf5871: Hell no. No more than having a powered wheel chair over a normal one.
  • Triz: It does give an advantage, but basically everybody could get one, so it’s not the fault of those using 3rd party stuff.
  • awl_wow: advantage yes. unfair not sure. i would say yes only they were given special attention by game devs.
  • warcraftic: like the addon argument
  • admon09: not an unfair advantage if the game is designed properly. impact from them should be minimal but still there
  • mrbryo: yes
  • tinkerpriest: no, most provide functions that are available using standard equipment.
  • Spudpuffinz: No, if you want to buy a naga mouse then that’s your right, it doesn’t give any true advantage, just convienience

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