Episode 42: Life, the Universe and Bats

Bats This week we’ve got a bunch of gaming news goodness including a couple articles on the Move, 10 things that outlived APB and something about… tuttles?!? The rest of the usual.. Rumors, Question of the Week continues the controller theme from last week. And Marty wants to know what we think of Halo.

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This Week In Gaming

  • Sony’s Yoshida sees kinect as healthy competition 3dtv exclusive:

    Sony and Microsoft may be going head to head this holiday with motion-based gaming peripherals, but SCE Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida doesn’t see Microsoft’s massive Kinect ad campaign as a problem for PlayStation’s Move — in fact, Sony quite likes the free attention it’s getting as a result. Yoshida recently admitted as much to GamesIndustry.biz, saying, “I’ve always felt like we were lucky that Microsoft made such a big deal with Project Natal. In a broader sense, we are categorized as ‘motion gaming’ — if we were just doing Move, we wouldn’t have had as much coverage and attention from media and consumers.”

    Also, despite the fact that Sony has been touting 3D functionality in lots of upcoming games — even updating older releases with the technology — Yoshida doesn’t necessarily believe we’ll be seeing 3DTV-exclusive titles anytime soon. “Never say never — but I don’t think that makes sense. Stereoscopic 3D isn’t adding something completely different, it’s just making it a bit more natural for users to see 3D images. We just don’t have to think about making games exclusive to 3DTV,” he said. The interview also covers the turbulent trip of the hand-carried PlayStation Move prototype by Richard Marx, not to mention the changes in Sony’s structure over the past few years as various major executives have played musical chairs.

  • NPD downloads eclipse retail on PC:

    NPD reports that downloadable game sales have officially outpaced retail sales on the PC.. For the first six months of 2010, retail PC sales in the US reached 8.2 million units, while NPD surveys indicate that downloads were up to 11.2 million. Take special note of the word “surveys,” as gamesindustry.bizconfirmed that NPD doesn’t have access to sales numbers from either Blizzard or Steam. Still, NPD believes that overall PC revenues have declined 21 percent so far this year, with unit sales down 14 percent.

    Meanwhile, NPD’s surveys name Steam as the most successful download service, while BigFish dominates casual gaming. NPD’s Anita Frazier pointed to the rise of “social network gaming” and more “free game options” as the reasons for the PC sector’s continuing decline. Maybe someone at NPD should get in touch with the folks at Zynga. They might be able to them where all that money went.

  • Playstation Move controller exploded examined:

    The latest victim of techno-savvy website IFixIt’s particularly brutal brand of evisceration is none other than Sony’s new magic wand, the PlayStation Move. The site performed a teardown on the new controller, examining how easily it could be repaired should one of your friends decide to throw it, full force, at the razor-sharp corner of your living room coffee table. (Don’t they know that motion controller-related accidents are so 2006?)

    You can check out all of the controller’s inside-parts over in IFixIt’s teardown — unfortunately, though, they didn’t crack open the orb which tops the device. We think it has something to do with them not wanting to injure the magical, polychromatic fairy which lives inside of said orb.

  • Dante’s new look? The creator is unhappy, to say the least…
  • Nine States oppose California in Supreme Court games case – because it’s GODDAMN STUPID
  • (1up) Good Old Games Undergoing Changes But Not Shutting Down

    Classic PC game distributor Good Old Games looks to be undergoing changes of some sort, as the entire site was recently replaced with a note to users talking about the difficulties of operating in its current form. Initially it sounded as if the site would be shutting down, but GOG’s PR rep Tom Ohle has denied that’s the case, saying (via NeoSeeker), “As the message on the site says, this doesn’t mean GOG is gone. We’ll have more to share in the coming days. No need to jump to conclusions :)”

    The message on the GOG site reads in part: We have recently had to give serious thought to whether we could really keep GOG.com the way it is. We’ve debated on it for quite some time and, unfortunately, we’ve decided that GOG.com simply cannot remain in its current form.

    We’re very grateful for all support we’ve received from all of you in the past two years. Working on GOG.com was a great adventure for all of us and an unforgettable journey to the past, through the long and wonderful history of PC gaming.

  • Hooray! Disgaea 4!


  • In Batman Arkham City, there will be ally characters that you will meet through out the game that will aid you.
  • Bioware will be announcing some of the first crafting professions for SWTOR soon. But they’re not going to work like most crafting you’ve been use to in previous games.

Question of the Week

What’s the BEST controller you’ve ever used?


  • thespius:  I still loved the SNES Turbo controller with the little turbo switches on them.
  • tigorasou: hmm its a toss up for me. Either playstation or N64
  • kirikitten: N64. Runner-up is PS2’s Dualshock.
  • Kordwar: dreamcast
  • japoniano: Sega Saturn
  • wownoob: GameCube felt the best to me. Shame about the games
  • stoppableforce: I still prefer the PS2 controller to any I’ve ever used.
  • bryterside: The best controller I ever used was my Razer Naga, This thing kicks ass.
  • Linedan: My Saitek X36 joystick/throttle on my PC. Almost seven years old and still going strong, it just won’t die.
  • maerdred: I still miss and love my cH Flightstick Pro. I spent many years playing X-Wing and Flight Simulator with that one.
  • Trizophenie: I’m tempted to say the old Microsoft Sidewinder gamepad from about 14ish years ago.
  • blackkitty4: People will disagree, but the N64 controller has a big place in my heart.
  • icesnake1950: Best controller ever: Logitech Wingman G940
  • brigwyn: Honestly? I’ll get shot for this, but it was the Atari Joysick!! LOVED IT! and so easy to repair!
  • outlandishmatt: I always loved the original xbox controller. I even spliced a USB cable and downloaded drivers to make it work on the PC.
  • mrbryo: the NES Max
  • TimberWolf5871: I’mma go with the xbox 360 controller. Molds to the hand well, is comfortable to grip, and every button is within thumb-reach. Plus, no wires to trip on! Always a bonus!
  • GloomLion:  I loved the basic Sega controller (D-Pad & 2 Buttons)
  • tinkerpriest: snes/Genesis


  • ColbyTS: Easy Ps3 controller hands down, its perfect it is very practical in size and weight and you don’t need to make any awkward movements to hit buttons.
  • Cam-Dog: Yeah the PS3 Dualshock 3 is the best for me, I’ve grown up with it.
  • Jitterbug: Xbox 360’s. I have no idea how these guys can say that the dual shock is better. It feels like a baby toy in my hands, and the placement of the sticks feels unnatural compared to the 360. When the dual shock first came out it was undeniably the best controller ever made, but then the 360 surpassed it and Sony just stuck to the exact same model when they moved to the PS3.
  • ColbyTS: No way the sticks on the 360’s are to stiff and it feels much more un-natural than the lovely dual-shock. I say absolutely that it is the best.
  • Cam-Dog: I don’t mind the placement of the 360 sticks but I do not like their feel and the dpad is horrible its a pain in the a$$.

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