The Sound of Video Game Music

One of the all too often unknown figures of video games(ok 99% of the people who make games are unknown) are the composers. They have this amazing ability to turn a game into a experience. Through their music we stop seeing videogame characters as something so basic as pixels on a screen. They add weight to a character that changes them from being just another space marine but a hero. And in some cases a true cultural icon. Let’s take a look at some of gaming’s best composers and their impact of both their games world and the world of gaming. Read on!

You can’t discuss game composers and not have Koji Kondo at the top of your list. You probably know him as the guy that wrote the music for Mario and Legend of Zelda. Even my gaming inept mother knows that the theme from Mario. Kondo has defined what it means to create iconic music. There are very few modern composers whose songs are as recognizable as Kondo’s works.

Greg Edmonson’s music for the Uncharted series made the games the epic adventures that they are. Edmonson’s music not only drives the plot but sets you up for success and betrayal alike. The crown of the games in my opinion is Drake’s Theme. It represents the character of Nathan Drake and makes him the focus of the cinematic scenes.

Love it or hate it Halo is responsible for making gaming mainstream, and Marty O’Donnell made Halo more than just a game. Marty O’Donnell’s music and audio direction changed Halo from a game about a super soldier to an Operatic experience. Some of his best work on the Halo franchise is the music for Halo 3:ODST. You really believe that the rookie is stranded as he tries to figure out what happened to his team.

Now of course these are just a few of gaming’s composers. I didn’t even mention Jack Wall(composer for Mass Effect) and Tommy Tallarico who are responsible for Video Games live. Next time you play your favorite game try playing it with the sound off. I guarantee that you’ll notice the difference.

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