Morning Quickies – September 15, 2010

tgsgirl Well, it’s day 1 of the Tokyo Game Show, and we’re already got some interesting announcements that have the internet abuzz. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

  • (Capsule Computers) In what was possibly the least surprising reveal of the morning to anyone who’s been following the gaming press for the past week or two, Capcom is teaming up with Ninja Theory (the British developers of Heavenly Sword and the upcoming – and fantastic looking – Enslaved: Journey to the West) to reboot the Devil May Cry franchise with with a new entry, simply titled DmC. Dante’s the main character again in DmC (no sign of Nero), but this is a considerably younger Dante than we’re used to, somehow looking more like a rebellious youth than a badass half-demon bounty hunter. Guess we’ll keep an eye on this one…
  • (Joystiq) Not really trying to move a lot of Dead Rising 2 on PS3, are you, Capcom? Dead Rising 2: Case West is an Xbox 360-exclusive epilogue (as opposed to DR2: Case Zero, which was a prologue) starring everyone’s favorite zombie-killing photojournalist, Frank West.
  • (Destructoid) Of course, the PS3 has an exclusive of its own: Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are getting the God of War treatment, with Sony confirming HD versions of both games. The two games are slated to be released separately in Japan, while here in the US various retailers have shown boxart for a collection-style version instead.
  • (Andriasang) Not TGS news: System Prisma, the developers of Cladun: This is an RPG, are releasing a pixely tower defense game too, called Dot Defense. It appears to offer a lot of customizability via its map editor, much like Cladun, while it also appears to have some light RPG elements – equipping your ‘towers’ with weapons and items, for instance.
  • (Digital Spy) Again surprising no one, Sega announced Valkyria Chronicles 3. However, perhaps surprising: this one, much like the just-released-in-America Valkyria Chronicles 2, is another PSP title. It’s a new story set in a fictionalized 1935 Europe, with a new cast of characters designated with numbers instead of names due to events that have happened to them prior to the story.
  • (Siliconera) I expected something a bit crazier out of this team up, but: Suda51 and Shinji Mikami’s collaborative game is revealed – Shadows of the DAMNED. Yes, with a capital DAMNED (and, if you’re Suda51, an echo). DMD, as its creators would prefer it be abbreviated, tells the story of a man who teams up with a shapeshifting demon to get back his girlfriend from the City of the Damned. The press blurb mentions "light vs. dark gameplay." Another interesting role: while Goichi Suda is serving as executive director, while Shinji Mikami is creative producer – which is actually a reversal of roles for these two – Akira Yamaoka of Silent Hill fame, who now works at Grasshopper Manufacture with Suda, has been tapped as the composer for DMD‘s soundtrack. So if nothing else, you can at least expect a spectacularly creepy soundtrack…
  • ( Behind closed doors, Tecmo Koei revealed Ninja Gaiden 3. That’s really all we know so far, but now you know.

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