Morning Quickies – September 10, 2010

chopman Chop Man edition, bitches. He’s here… to chop.

  • (Joystiq) Is your PS3 missing something? Is that something pink? Pink DualShock 3, available September 21. Don’t say I never did anything for you.
  • (NintendoLife) Quite a step up from Defend Your Castle: XGen readies Machinarium and Super Motherload for WiiWare. I can’t speak to Super Motherload, but I played Machinarium on the PC, and it is a fantastic little puzzle/adventure game, and I think it’s great to see it coming to a bigger audience.
  • (Destructoid) Back on September 3rd, I mused whether the re-release of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath heralded new signs of life from Oddworld Inhabitants. Well, sorta! OI themselves are actually making a movie and supposedly a game, but developer Just Add Water – who is re-releasing the Stranger’s Wrath HD remake – has five other Oddworld titles in the works. Hooray!
  • (Siliconera) A review of Bit.Trip FATE. The Gaijin Games guys are making a rail shooter with good ol’ Commander Video, which the review describes as being like "Gradius as a roller coaster, or Panzer Dragoon as a side-scroller."
  • (Capcom Unity) And perhaps the most exciting, Capcom gave us a look at the character customization and level builder from Mega Man Universe. Little Big Mega Planet? In Character Customization, you can mix and match parts from Mega Men through the years, as well as some things that are distinctly not Mega Man, like a Metool. (Seriously, check out the screenshot of Metto Man.) Stage Creation, meanwhile, seems to be the stage builder from Mega Man Powered Up on steroids – besides the distinctive Mega Man-themed building blocks, there’s also other unnamed stage elements that will be featured. Gah! So excited for this game.
  • (Steam) Recettear unlocks in two hours! You’ve got approximately that long to order it for $17.99, or you can wait two hours and get it for $19.99.

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