Witch Hunt DLC Review

Warning: This review contains spoilers to Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. You have been warned.

Witch Hunt is the most recent addition to the line up of Dragon Age: Origins DLC. This is the last planned DLC for Dragon Age: Origins as Bioware finally moves everyone over to work on Dragon Age 2. I wish I could say that this is a great conclusion to one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played but unfortunately I can’t.  As usual I’ll keep the review as spoiler free as possible but if you’re worried scroll to the bottom and read the breakdown.

A good start

Witch Hunt starts you off outside of Flemeth’s hut with your loyal Mabari hound(I named mine Barkspawn). There have been reports of a young woman in the area and so begins your hunt to find Morrigan. The story is all very nostalgic and brings up memories of your time with Morrigan and fighting the blight in general. The new characters have some great dialog between each other and are a nice addition to your journey. A point to note, it is finally confirmed that Mabari hounds can in fact read. The events in Witch Hunt also hint at the plot of Dragon Age 2.

A bad ending

Where Witch Hunt suffers is in its gameplay. The enemies are easily dispatched(I was playing on Nightmare) and don’t really bring anything new to the table. While the final boss looks cool, it doesn’t offer up any real challenge(Ogre Alphas have given me more trouble). The final conversation is also bugged. I’m not sure if options appeared that shouldn’t have or if the voice over files were bugged. I probably could have forgiven this but every Dragon age DLC has had bugs. To be honest it’s more of a let down than anything else. It’s like if you got to the end of Return on the Jedi and Darth Vader forgot that Luke was his son. Oh yeah they didn’t add any new areas either. Everything in the DLC is a reused level and they only added one new enemy type.

The Breakdown

While the story of Witch Hunt is enjoyable it has a  bugged ending that really hurts it. The combat is easy and the final boss, while having a neat design, is a lackluster fight. The new characters have their moments but are ultimately forgettable. It will cost you $7 USD (560MS points) but you money might be better spent other places. If you’re looking for a nice Dragon Age hit and don’t mind the bugs or combat then Witch Hunt is right for you. However this DLC is going to be a pass for most people.

Review by Ninth Batter the author/creator of Nobody Like You.

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