Chat with Polygamerous!

Can’t get enough Polygamerous? Well, you’re in luck, because we have a chatroom you can pop onto, and all you’ll need is a Google Talk (or other Jabber) account.

These instructions are for Pidgin, but can probably be adapted to other IM clients (for instance, Andy has managed to get in using Trillian, I believe).

  1. Create a Google Talk or other Jabber/XMPP account. The easiest possible way to do this is just to sign up for Gmail. If you already have a Gmail account, congratulations: you’ve already completed step 1. Creating jabber accounts for other services is outside the scope of these instructions, but here’s some instructions from WikiHow.
  2. Add your Gmail account or Jabber account to Pidgin. Go to the Accounts menu, then Manage Accounts, then Add – choose Google Talk for a Google Talk/Gmail account, or XMPP for a Jabber account. Sign in and all that jazz.
  3. Once you’re signed into your account, from the Buddies menu, click Join a Chat. Choose your Google Talk or Jabber account. The information you need to join is:
    • Server name:
    • Room name: polygamerous
  4. Feel free to change your handle. Or don’t. It’s your call, really.
  5. Success! (Hopefully.)

I can try to do a limited amount of troubleshooting if people can’t connect. If you can’t use third-party clients at work, I do know you can use Meebo – most of the above instructions apply, with the exception that in addition to being signed into a Google Talk or other Jabber account, you also have to be signed into Meebo – otherwise the option to join a Conference never appears. Not that I would ever suggest you do something like sign into a videogame podcast chatroom from work.


Hope to see you join us soon!

BONUS ROUND: Mike’s instructions on connecting via Meebo.


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