It’s Not Stealing It’s Progress

(Sorry for the short editorial this week. Between my career and having a cat I didn’t have much time to write this week. And I may have put this together in the last 15 minutes.)

Some days it’s truly amazing what people complain about. For example I was reading a chat dialog between two people in which one of them was claiming that Halo Reach stole the jetpack idea from Resistance 2. They then began to add obscenities to their dialog and questioned each other’s sexuality. I guess neither of them had played Star Wars Battlefront because they had a class that used jetpacks. Before that there was a game called Tribes that used them. And if you really want to get into it Jetpac for the ZX Spectrum was the first to really “revolutionize” gaming by adding a jetpack. When a developer takes and idea and improves on it it’s not stealing, it’s progress.

Almost all inventions are made by someone taking someone else’s idea and improving on it. You may have heard of how Marconi “stole” the idea for the radio from Tesla. However what you may not know is that while Tesla discovered the principles of radio he couldn’t actually get it to work(flame away Tesla fanboys). So when someone says that Microsoft stole Kinect from the Playstation Eye-Toy they didn’t; they took an existing idea and made it better. Now there are a few exceptions of truly original ideas like what Goodyear did with vulcanized rubber, but that was a total fluke on his part(it’s a cool story, Google it).

So the lesson here children is that if someone takes your idea don’t get pissed. Look to see what they did and improve on their model. Before you know it you’ve created a competition between the two of you that will last for decades. Oh sure both of your products are basically the same thing but you’ll try to distinguish them from each other by getting console exclusives like Halo and Uncharted–oops. You were suppose to make that connection on your own, my bad.

Editorial by Ninth Batter the author/creator of Nobody Like You.

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