Long Term Plan

I was recently asked by my girlfriend if I planned on playing videogames for the rest of my life. Without much thought I told her that I think I will play videogames for the rest of my life. She then informed me that we needed to evaluate our relationship(and possibly see other people). Now while she may be a heartless $*#@%! she does bring up a interesting point. Is it really all that realistic to think that I’m going to play videogames for the rest of my life? Maybe?

Videogames have been around since 1958,tennis for two being the first, so the logical step would be to first find someone who has been playing games since the beginning. Tennis for Two was a popular attraction at the Brookhaven National Laboratory October 18th 1958, so finding someone that had played that game  specifically might be to difficult. Instead we’ll start with the Magnavox Odyssey and our subject Steven.

Steven has been playing games since the early 70s and even after 2 wives and 4 kids he still finds time to play most new releases. Steven has seen the evolution of gaming from a first hand perspective. Everything from pong to the birth of motion control, Steven has pretty much seen it all. However before videogames he played board and card games like the generation before him.

This leads me to think that maybe videogames are just the entertainment of this century. It’s quite possible that videogames won’t even be around when I’m old and in need of sponge baths. For all we know the next big thing could be people fighting each other giant giants robots. Will I play videogames the rest of my life? Probably, but it won’t be like how I play them today. I’ll play them for nostalgia and lecture my grand kids about how, “When I was your age we didn’t have giants robots, we fought each other, zombies, and Nazis in a virtual world. Pluto was still a planet and that’s how we liked it!”

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