The Future of Gaming

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Hello hello, I am Doctor Emmett Lathrop Brown and I will be your guide to the future! Today we will be traveling to the year 3000 and sneak a look at what the Videogames of the future will be like. First we’ll take a look at the gaming consoles of the time. Microsoft and Sony are still the leading competitors in home gaming systems with the Playstation Millennium and the Xbox Secant Adjacent. Nintendo is still selling the Wii but has released the next evolution in gaming, the Nintendo 4DS. The Nintendo 4DS will be the first system to have a portal to Riverworld. As for developers, after the great zombie outbreak of 2011(cause by the H1N1 flu vaccination) all violence against zombies  has been deemed a hate crime against Zombie Earthicans and as of May 3rd 3000 will no longer be seen in games. Zombies have in turn been replaced by LARPers as mindless enemies. When Zombie Kotick, president and CEO of Activision/Blizzard/State of Washington, was asked what he thought on the matter he merely commented saying, “Arrrggghhhnnnnn… nnnnn….” Great Scott look at the time! I need to get you all back to the past. Thank you for joining me on this trip and if we’ve learned one thing on this trip it is this! Bobby Kotick will never go away.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, today’s editorial will be about the future of gaming. Well, we’ll be taking a realistic look at the future of gaming. Let’s take a look at the upcoming and existing technology and how it will change or affect gaming.

For better or worse thanks to Avatar 3D has become a household recognizable technology. Whether it is a legitimate way to enhance your experience or just a gimmick, 3D is a new and it will sell.  Where this tech will fail is with the glasses. Most people don’t like to wear glasses and if they already wear prescription glasses you can’t wear the 3D glasses over them. Nintendo has the right idea with their 3DS. It doesn’t use glasses and can be adjusted for your preference. You do have to be looking at the screen head on for it to work so it will be a few more generations of the tech before we see what we want in 3D.

Motion Control
What has been done can not be undone, or something to that effect. After the release of the Wii motion control has been associated with gaming by the media. Even with the Wii’s reputation for being a joke system for real gamers, the fact of the matter is that it is hands down the best selling console on the market. This has led both Microsoft and Sony to incorporate motion control into their consoles. Even if motion control turns out to be nothing more that a ploy to get non-gamers to buy the consoles, motion control will be here for a long time to come.

Digital Distribution
Expect to see more options for gaming in the form of digital distribution. It’s cheaper for the companies to sell their games digitally and it prevents the resell of used games in which game companies get no money for. The one problem with the future of digital distribution is our current limits on bandwidth. Many companies are looking to move to a meter model rather than a flat monthly fee. And when people start paying attention to how much data they transfer they won’t want to keep downloading those big game files.

Brand Loyalty

Most people may not think about brand loyalty as a big factor when buying a game but it plays more of a factor than you might think. Game companies know that people will buy names that they recognize whether it be brands or the developer. This is a bit disconcerting considering how many great indie games are out there and it will discourage companies from backing a indie developer. Expect to see more and more sequels and spin offs of popular franchises.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our look to the future today but remember that this was all just speculation. One more thing I’d like to add to where I see the future of gaming going is friendship. With the new social additions to gaming I see gamers forming strong friendships with people that are half a continent away. They will play many games with their gaming friends but not be defined by the games they play. Gamers will not just communicate when they want to play a game like WoW but will care about their online friends and communicate for no other reason that to talk with them. I see the gaming community entering an era where people from different countries all over the world being united by one common aspect. They all just want to have some fun… and they will all agree that the person spawn camping is a douche.

Editorial by Ninth Batter the author/creator of Nobody Like You.

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NinthBatter(or Jack) was born in 1518 on the shores of Loch Shiel in the highlands of Scotland. Seriously though, Ninth is a small town geek born and raised although he does live in Los Angeles now. He’s been gaming since the SNES with “Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.” He currently games on PC, Xbox, PS3, Nintendo DS, and the N-Gage(it’s a GameBoy and a phone!) He also has a Wii but currently uses it as a door stop. If you haven’t been able to figure it out, Ninth prefers to take a light-hearted and humorous approach to gaming. He also loves Pokemon…the handheld games…seriously.