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Listen to me and Marty discussing our E3 “Wrapup” here <—click


Let me just say that I wasn’t planning of posting this and these are just my notes from E3, but since there so many games there was no way I could write an article for each one. That being said I do plan on writing articles on many of them but if there was one on the list that really stood out to you leave a comment bellow and I’ll make sure to write a full article about it. Hope everyone had a great E3 week! 😀

  • Zelda Skyward sword: Always a crowd pleaser. Looks good. Appears to be a refined version of twilight princess. Worked great on the show floor.
  • Wii system: Nintendo really likes to tell people statistics. Did not like when I mentioned they weren’t a HD system. Say they’re not for casual but their driving force are avatar games. Pimped their own website at their press conference.
  • Nintendo DS: Doing great. Tons of fun games.
  • Goldeneye: At first made me really happy but unfortunately it will only be for the Wii. Would of loved it for Xbox live or PSN.
  • Epic Mickey: cool idea. Appears to be pretty open world. Looks to be a solid platformer.
  • Kirby’s epic yard: Super adorable. platforming goodness. Great demo, didn’t want to put it down.
  • Metroid the other M: Looked cool but seemed weird with a almost Japanese rpg story.
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns: made my pants tight.
  • Nintendo 3DS: No glasses, they made that very clear. Instead of the image popping out it gives the screen depth and moves inward. Allows you to choose the degree of 3D that you want. It can be 3D. 2.8D, 2.7D…You can take 3D photos with it. They know that they dominate in the handheld field and they enjoy showing off. Very hot girls showing it off.
  • Kid Icarus Uprising: Looks amazing and was extremely fun to watch.
  • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood: Very cool. Looks great.
  • Shaun White Skateboarding: Hopefully better than Bode Miller Alpine Skiing. Has a cartoon style. Kind of corny…ok really corny. Cool map shaping game play. Most fun I’d ever had playing a skating game even if the premise was a bit corny and I met Shaun White.
  • Innergy: Very trippy heart monitor.
  • Your Shape: Now my xbox can judge me just like my girl friend and mother. Pretty sure the developers are on some sort of “mind expanding” substance. They feel the magic of their environment. Cool body shape recognizer.
  • Raving Rabits Tavel in time: Same as the last games.
  • Rayman Origins: Looked great but not much info was given.
  • Michael Jackson Dance Game: This it what happens when your kids get the controlling rights to your name and are too young to tell the lawyers that “it’s too soon to make a game, he just died for Christ’s sake.”
  • PSP: Really try to change their image and prove that the system is fun. Got the kid from ‘Role Models‘ for the ad campaign. Doing a lot with the camera.
  • Little Big Planet 2: Still fun, still very creative, still adorable.
  • Dead Space 2: Isaac is back and looking better than ever. This time the environment is both your friend and your enemy.
  • Portal 2: I swear to god people started f*ing each other when Gabe Newell demoed the game (seriously).
  • Final Fantasy XIV online: Very large monsters and androgynous males.
  • Infamous 2: New powers, same awesome gameplay.
  • Twisted Metal: Oh hellz to the yeah! Air combat is new this time but sounds great. Much bigger maps.
  • New Xbox 360: Smaller, quieter, and in stores now. I just hope I don’t have to send in this one every year like all the others.
  • Gears of War 3: Same gears you’ve come to know and love now with women. 4 player co-op is new and they have confirmed that “yes Dom has a beard.”
  • Halo Reach: Seems to be the perfection of the Halo franchise incorporating everything that we loved about the games so far(yay scoped pistols). Microsoft knows that it’s their juggernaut franchise and aren’t afraid to tell you it.
  • Rage: Looks amazing and from the same guys that gave us Fallout 3 and Oblivion.
  • Heroes on the Move: Brings together 6 of the Playstation’s favorite characters to help Move sales.
  • Tiger Wood 11: I got a chance to play it with the Playstation Move and can say that it does feel a lot more like actual golf.
  • Rock Band 3: The pro guitar that you can get will actually teach you how to play the songs on a real guitar. However it still doesn’t change the fact that you’re just a person with a plastic guitar.
  • Kinect: I’m getting this if for no other reason than to have the ability to turn on and off my Xbox bye saying “Xbox on, Xbox off.”
  • Kinectamals: Adorable game demoed by a 7yr old. Word of advice, don’t name your tiger “Skittles.” That’s how you end up like Roy from Siegfried and Roy.
  • Star Wars the Old Republic: I have found my new virtual girlfriend in the Jedi that was in the ‘Hope’ trailer. And now for the reality check people, game is still 9 months out.

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