E3 2010: Atlus

By the request of  Phil I visited the Atlus booth during E3 this week. After being greeted by some very lovely booth babes in nurse uniforms, I saw two brand new Atlus games that really stood out. Trine 2 and Rock of Ages.

Trine 2: This sequel to the surprise side-scrolling hit Trine will now features online co-op. It will be much more reasonably priced than the first one(apparently the first one cost around $40 USD at launch). There are graphical improvements and  levels will require the use of all of the characters’ abilities this time around. Speaking of abilities there are some new ones that I’m told are very promising. The wizard can levitate enemies(Jedi style) and the thief can slow time(just like Jake Gyllenhaal).

Rock of Ages: First off let me just say this game looks really cool(like plants vs. zombies cool). The basic idea is that there are two castles that are rolling giant rocks at each other. Both sides can create units(both offensive and defensive) to aid in the rocks chances of hitting the opponents’ castle. And the art style is amazing with this game.

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