Episode 26: Psychotic Poly Pandemonium

wild_and_crazy_guys Welcome back, game lovers! And I mean that in the best way possible, of course.. Yes, another week, another show, another rant! Yes, Kelly picks up the stick and beats loudly on the drum again this week. What is she complaining about now? You’ll just have to listen to find out! This week we talk about a bunch of great news articles, go over OUR top 5 game releases this week, a couple rumors, a popular question of the week and, of course, your emails!

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This Week in Gaming

Following the conclusion of the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta, developer Bungie and publisher Microsoft have announced that the shooter will hit on September 14, 2010.

More specifically, the game will begin rolling out at retailers worldwide on September 14, with its Japanese release following the next day a.k.a. September 15, 2010.

  • (gamepro) Fable 3 to have $80 Limited Collector’s Edition with extra DLC, playing cards, and a coinLike Microsoft is wont to do with its major releases, the upcoming PC/Xbox 360 RPG Fable 3 will have a special edition that packs additional downloadable and physical content for a higher price.

    Earlier today, Microsoft announced plans for a Limited Collector’s Edition for the Xbox 360 version of Fable III, the next chapter of Peter Molyneux’s role-playing game series due this holiday season. While the game will include a standard edition for $60, the Limited Edition (shown above) will retail for $80, and include the following content:

      A new quest in which the player must search haunted forests for a the legendary sword, Wolfsbane.
      A new location rife with treasures and designed to cater to starting an in-game family.
      Playing cards branded with every typle of character in Fable 3.
      A “Guild Seal Coin” featuring a good and evil side to aid players in making moral decisions.
      An exclusive boxer dog breed.
      An exclusive outfit for your male or female protagonist.

    The PC version will apparently only come in the standard flavor, but will cost a little less, retailing for $50 on disc or via digital download. Which version, if any, do you think you’ll end up getting?

Rumor Mill

“After creating the perfect woman with my best friend by using nothing more than a dial-up modem and a copy of playboy, I was informed that:”

  • Burger King is planning on releasing some Xbox 360 games specifically for project Natal.
  • The next Fight Night game is planning on incorporating project Natal.
  • The main characters of the next Pokemon game will be older than the previous games in the series(around 16 compared to 11).
  • In Starwars the Old Republic, the Smuggler will be able to choose between being straight dps and a dps/healer for their advanced class. Bioware wants the healers to be able to do more than just sit there and spam the 1 key over and over.

Question of the Week

What are you favorite game genres (top 3)?

From Twitter

  • crazyville: RPG, SRPG, FPS…..acronyms all the waya baby…WOO!
  • broadwayblues: FPS military, Survival Horror, flight simulators
  • glassofwater2: fantasy, science fiction, RTS
  • Kenichan: RPG, Simulators, Action.
  • Kikirowr: Dating Sim/Visual Novel, MMOs, RPGs
  • Achloryn: Hard to say.. RPG, RTS and maybe Thriller? (RE series, L4D, etc). No particular order.
  • Zideshow: Fun. Fun. Awesome.
  • GamerGaz: RPG (inc MMORPG), FPS, RTS. I love how they’re all TLAs
  • Gettingworse: top 3 genre; rpg > strategy > sports sim. Can’t play fps so I’m missing out on tons of good games

From Forums

  • Jitterbug: 1. FPS, 2. RPG, 3. Action
  • Farva: First Person Shooters, RPG’s (especially hybrids Fallout 3, Borderlands, etc…), Sandbox Games,
  • Lokela: Racing, Fighting, Action
  • Fisherman:1. RPG (Western-developed), 2. Shooters (FPS or TPS), 3. Sports

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