April Fools Review – Polygamerous 2: Escape from the Death Star

pgpSquare_100 The game starts immediately following the conclusion of the initial game. Having solved their audio difficulties, the crew are just preparing to do the now already late podcast when they are captured by an unknown force and taken prisoner in the Lag prisons of the “Death Star”. You again take the roles of the shows hosts Mike, Andy, Russell and Darcy in a thrilling Action RPG and help them as they solve puzzles and fight their way through the considerable forces of the “Whate Wennis” army and find their captor, and their freedom.

The game hold all the many elements that made the original so much fun while bringing new concepts to the table. The sound quality has only improved with time and so has the classic humor the hosts bring. The graphics however remain apparently untouched from the first following the same almost nonexistent style.

logo_800 Some of the more noticeable new features include the “Chicken Riot” mini game as well as the addition of the new combat mechanic “Not with just one” where they player can team the hosts up for some amazing and sometimes very humorous combos.

During your escape you will come across many of your old foes such as the Stripper bots and the Dragon-sheep as well as the new Whate Wennis army, Mothman and their “Lovely” Shadowed leader who only goes by the name “L”.

I would give this game a 5 Star and put it on my list of must plays, If you have played any of the games the hosts have been in separately then you will love them teaming up for this addictive action packed ride. The Polygamerous series only gets better with time and I’m sure we will all be waiting with baited breath for what the future holds for these four.

-Daniel S.

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