Morning Quickies 4/29/10

Just a couple quick things (game news.. sheesh, get your mind out of the gutter..) we saw on da Interwebz this morning.

  • (Joystiq) Bungie enters 10-year partnership with Activision 
    Seems that Bungie, the developers behind the Halo franchise have entered into a long-term publishing agreement with Activision (note it is PUBLISHING thus Bungie retains ownership of their IP). Also, the agreement states that Activision will have the rights to publish the games on “multiple platforms and devices” which probably means we might see the new IP on the PS3? The Wii? Could be! Is this a good deal? Discuss here or in our Forums!
  • (Official Playstation Blog) Dead Space 2: Launch Trailer for PS3
    Love you some Dead Space? Well, then check out the new Trailer for Dead Space 2! Core gameplay. New enemies. New Environments.. If you have any questions about the game and the trailer you can head over to the site to drop ‘em a line! Let us know what you think too. Are you excited for Dead Space 2?

  • (Kotaku) These Video Game Movies Don’t Actually Suck
    And last, but not least, an article from Kotaku. No, they aren’t talking about movies adapted from a particular game. These are flashbacks to the awesome movies that had games as a polt element.. Check out there list and see what you think!  Did they miss any? What are your favorite movies that featured video games (of one sort or another) prominently.

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