Ep 20: Fourdex and Two Speakers

munny-speakers Polygamerous hits 20 and welcomes our new “4th Chair”, Kelly “Cadistra” Aarons. You might remember her from Episode 18 and from the Webcomic, World of Warcraft, eh?.. We also welcome a guest! Our guest this week is Richard “Greyseer” Powell from the site Lorecrafted (and many other ventures). We talk games, stories, etc. in addition to the normal plethora of gaming goodness.. With a bit of raw humor dropped in from time to time (or well, all the time).. Not for the faint at heart..

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This week in Gaming

  • Millions-of-Warhammer-Fees-Leave-Many-In-Debt: Earlier this week, many Warhammer Online players awoke to see multiple fees in their bank accounts from EA’s billing system. With upwards of 22 fees in some cases, some people are really taking this latest hit hard, with the charges totalling up to $500; which is more than many can afford. In one rare case, the fees even totalled up to $2000 dollars. This latest bug has come at a tough price to the already struggling game.
  • Gears of War 3 for April 2011: (ign)
    UK, April 9, 2010Microsoft has inadvertently revealed Gears of War 3 , with an announcement for the game fleetingly appearing on the Xbox 360 dashboard today.
    The announcement, since deleted, confirmed the game for an April 2011 release.
    An official announcement was believed to be coming through Cliff Bleszinski’s appearance on The Jimmy Fallon show, which has now been delayed to Monday.
    Rumoured gameplay details emerged yesterday, revealing that the final part of the trilogy that began in 2006 would feature a refined cover system and underwater elements.
    IGN has contacted Microsoft for further confirmation – expect to hear more on the game in the coming weeks.
  • Activision says Modern Warfare 3 was held hostage: A countersuit was filed last week in which Activision paints former Infinity ward CEO’s as MW3 terrorists hell bent on drop a dirty bomb on the gaming industry… ok maybe it wasnt that bad, but dont tell Activision I said so….
  • Crackdown 2 received a ‘Mature’ rating from the ESRB: The United States video game board dropped the M hammer today for crackdown, who knew killing people on live TV wold be rated mature.
  • (joystiq) Game Center is basically Xbox Live for your iPhone

At its iPhone OS 4 event Apple unveiled Game Center, which he said will make “gaming even better on the iPhone.” With matchmaking, game invites, leaderboards and achievements, this is pretty much a carbon copy of Xbox Live, but on your phone (Windows Phone 7, beat to the punch!). This is a “dev preview for OS 4,” which will be available today for you devs out there. Everyone else, you’ve gotta wait until “summer.”

  • http://current.com/participate/vc2/92368016_mmo-future-shock.htm

    New short film series by Gamers Film called MMO Future Shock (3 films/6 minutes each) that focuses on trends in the MMO gaming industry. It’s already been picked up by mens magazine Maxim for their gaming section on their site. Everything is professionally shot and edited and features interviews with insiders like 38 Studios Curt Schilling, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan, Gamersfirst’s Joshua Hong and many more.

Rumor Mill

“After throwing up for witnessing Lea Thompson having sex with Howard the Duck, I was slipped some handy information.”

  • In the third installment of gears of war, the game will have underwater missions and Epic Games has reworked their famous cover system making it “more agile and easier to use”.
  • Star Wars the New Republic does not plan on having a set number of playable races. Their idea is that since the star wars universe is so rich and diverse that there is no reason to say “theses are the 8 races have fun”. However they do have limitations on what the races needs to qualify: Must be humanoid. Must speak galactic basic. Must not have any special abilities like sucking all light from the surrounding area to make a black-hole or say go through a metamorphasis changing into a large beast durring the night… Also no sparkly vampires…

5 Deals in 5 Minutes

  1. Walmart continues to offer several video game bundle deals for prices between $20-$30. Including ps2,ps3, 360, wii, and DS. Its another deal where you get to pick the 2 games you want from a decent sized selection and get your game on.
  2. UncleVic.com cuts prices on select refurbished Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Wii consoles. With shipping starting around $13. Each is covered by a 120-day UncleVic warranty. The cheapest is a xbox360 20 gig bundle that comes with 2 games for less than $140
  3. GameStop still takes up to 50% off a selection of games as part of its Games Days Sale. Plus, now take an extra 15% off via coupon code “15NEW”. Shipping adds $2.99, or spend over $25 for free shipping.Notable prices include Assasins Creed 2 for $25, and infamouse for the ps3 for the same price.
  4. At Mattel, all games receive free shipping with no coupon or minimum required. Plus, take an extra 15% off via coupon code “EASTER15OFF”. This deal may have expired but I couldnt find a closing date on the coupon. Nonetheless they are currently offering 20% select titles as well as joining their mailing list with a super cool fake gmail account to get an extra 10% off. Get your boardgame on!
  5. At goHastings.com, purchase two used video games and get a third for $1. (The least expensive item of the three is priced at $1.) Plus, get $6 off orders of $50 or more via coupon code “DEALPRO”.

Question of the Week

Which game(s) you have played do you feel has the most epic storyline and why?

  • Mrbryo: Warcraft, Star Craft, Diablo, Final Fantasy, … been a while since I played anything that wasn’t a Blizzard product.
  • Deaf_Marty: Gears of War. Is this a trick question? What other games have Epic made?
  • Ninthbatter: hands down has to be KOTOR *spoiler* You’re the bad guy and person u try to save at the start turns bad
  • Samodean: Xenogears. A storyline that spans not only years and generations, but millenia. Very deep with tons of backstory.
  • BlackLab: the Mass Effect series has such an epic space story and such great characters and lore to back it up.
  • japoniano: Xenogears, the deep philosophical and religious aspects of the plot
  • Broadwayblues: Mass Effect 2. It has totally pulled me in and I actually care about what happens to the toons in the game!
  • Cerbstarraiser: Lost Odyssey, hands down.

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