Listener Game Review – Final Fantasy XIII on PS3

Lightning_1024x768_v1 It’s been a while since the last proper Final Fantasy game appeared on a major platform. And boy has it been worth the wait.
Forget about the gripes flowing out there regarding the linearity of the game. There are plenty of side quests in the game to keep you playing even after beating the final boss in this game. The argument about the lack of freedom in the game is truly unjust. There are just as many side quests in this game compared to any other final fantasy game, they just put them all in and around the same place instead of having you travelling all across the game world to do them. However, the babysit approach by the developers might prove to be the downfall of this game for the non fanboys.

The game spends far too long holding your hands in the early part of the game, most people will have quit the game before they have a chance to see the truly amazing experience this game has to offer. I have no idea why the developers want to hold the player back so much for so long, the combat system is not that hard for an average player to understand while still have the depth and complexity for someone to discover new nuances till the very end. For me, the Paradigm Shift battle system is the best battle system in the Final Fantasy series. It may seem limited at first because you only control the leader of the party, but you’ll soon learn the key to victory during hard boss battle is your ability to swap formations around quickly with a flick of a button and how well you set up your paradigms. The game really opens up once you have full control of all your party members with each character giving you a different set of skills you need to beat certain Bosses.

Vanille_1024x768_01_v1 The graphics in the game is truly stunning, sometimes you can’t even tell the difference between whether you’re in game or watching some FMV, the grand scale of Gran Pulse reminds me of the first time I saw Jurassic Park in cinema, the storyline while perplexing, becomes a lot clearer the further in game you go, you will get more and more attached to the characters as the story unfold before your eyes. If you just want to finish the story, it will still take you more than 40 hours of playtime to get through but that’s only half the game. I’ve spent over 80 hours of playtime and still haven’t finished all the side quests yet. And to fully unlock all the trophies, it’ll take even longer.

With so many triple A games out there on the market all with stunning graphics and gameplay, what make this game stands out above the rest is the longevity and depth it offers, simply put, you can’t get better value for money in a game. But I’m afraid many people will be put off by the slow start to the game to fully appreciate this and it would be such a shame to miss out on this stunning piece of gaming gem because of that reason.


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