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  • Adios, Other OSes: Citing "security issues," Sony is now going back on their word to maintain the Install Other OSes feature in the fat PS3s; PS3 Firmware 3.21 (available April 1, 2010) will disable the ability to run other operating systems even on PS3 models older than the PS3 Slim, a feature the slim has lacked since launch day. Of course, you’re perfectly welcome not to update: you just won’t be able to sign into the PSN, buy games from the PS Store, or watch movies you’ve downloaded onto your PS3 from the store. Tradeoffs! In my opinion, this is likely Sony once again fighting the losing fight against opening their firmware (something it’s been continuously doing on the PSP since day 1; they’ve had slightly better success on the PS3 up to this point), and I’m sad to see it go; I never used the option, but it was nice to know it was there.
  • It’s Just Big-Boned: iFixit has done a complete teardown of the DSi XL to see what’s different. Verdict? Not much. It has a bigger logic board, and a bigger battery (both physically and in capacity – 25% larger capacity), mostly to accommodate the bigger screens. They’re still using a custom ARM CPU rather than the Tegra chip that was rumored. The manufacturer for the charging circuit has been changed. The DSi XL really is the DSi, but bigger.
  • Monkey Say, Monkey Doesn’t Do: Rare, in an interesting turnabout from the last four or five years of how they’ve been running their business, stated that they don’t need to return to old franchises unless they can find a way to swing new ideas into an IP. So, releasing Perfect Dark in HD did this… how?
  • Let’s Get Ready to Rumble: At PAX East, Destructoid editor Brad Nicholson got some hands on time with Monday Night Combat, a third-person class-based shooter that "borrows design elements from brawlers, Team Fortress 2, and even DOTA." Y’know what else it reminds me of? Smash TV. Here’s hoping there’s a chance of this coming to PSN or PC; otherwise, I’ll just be left to look longingly at the XBLA as I pour myself another gin and tonic.

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