Listener Game Review: Pokemon Soul Silver

Hey Moonblaze here (aka Glassofwater) I am going to review soul silver.

Pokemon_Soul_Silver_box_art_by_edgeboymax Pokemon Soul Silver

Ok this new version of Pokemon is really fun. With way better graphics, sound, story and game play then the original Silver/gold versions it is a 100,000,000,000,000,000,00 stars out 5.

Game play

Ok so basically like all Pokemon games you have to beat all eight gyms, beat the Pokemon league, do some stuff after so you can trade from different versions to the new game, and then catch all the Pokemon. Not in this one, you beat all eight gyms. You beat all 8 gyms in the Johto region, then beat all the original 8 gyms. So for a Grand total of 16 gyms. The last boss fight is a pain in the butt… want an idea? level 88 Pokemon when you can beat the game up to that point with level 50’s.

New systems for storing Pokemon

The new system for storing Pokemon is the PC again… BUT modified to work with the touch screen. This new way is pure fail.


Love it, it is a fallow up to the games Firered and Leafgreen that is from what I have seen. Basically blah blah blah the normal Pokemon thing but almost no hints to where to go I had to look up a walkthrough several times.

gam_pokemongsfootage_580 Gosh dang it why does your mom buy you useless crap?

Ok there is a feature that basically lets you take some money from every battle you win and puts it into a “bank account” held by your mom. Your mom buys you a lot of stuff that is sometimes but not always helpful.

Legendaries, there way more then 5: So far I have seen, all 5 of the Johto legendary Pokemon. I have read reports of being able to capture the water guy or the earth guy from sapphire and ruby. not sure about the big green dragon one though. you can get the fire bird, Mewtwo, and one of the Lotas like Pokemon from ruby/sapphire.

My Pokemon is running behind me

Ok this is a cool little feature I love to death, I can see my favorite Pokemon following me every where. For example if Brigwyn had a squirrel Pokemon as the first in is party, then the squirrel will follow him around. If Fim has Rusty as a Pokemon in the first party slot, then Rusty will follow Fim around.

Random calls suck

Thats enough to say. The Pokegear lets people call you at the worst times, like telemarketers ^.^

Well again my rating for this game is:

100,000,000,000,000,00 stars out of 5 stars. SEE YA!


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