Listener Game Review: God of War 3

Kratos returns for his final chapter in the battle of Mount Olympus. For those uninitiated, God of War is the series that kick started the action adventure genre filled with Quick Time Events to bring more visual and dynamics into the battle.
You start off the game on the back of Gaia scaling up Mount Olympus and your first reaction is, wow, this game is so epic, how can they sustain this for the rest of the game? The simple answer is, they can’t and they didn’t. This is not to say rest of the game is bad, far from it, but they just simply couldn’t sustain the grand scale of the opening sequence.

GoW1 focused on the storyline and GoW2 focused more on the battle mechanics and GoW3 falls somewhere between the two. When it’s good, the previous 2 games just simply can’t touch it, but those instances are few and far between. It’s easy to pick faults in this game, like how short this game is (it took me just over 7 hours of game play time to finish) and the puzzles are nothing more than a nuisance, the platform jumping ones are just there to frustrates because you have to learn a whole new way about jumping and using your Icarus Wing. But the game’s good point far outweighs it’s faults, the Titan battles are something to behold and makes you look forward to your next encounter with them, the weapons in game all serve their purpose and selecting the right weapons at the right time can make your life a lot easier against certain mobs and Bosses.

The one thing I’m not really sure about is the lifespan of the game. Sure, there are certain items you can pick up along the way that you can use in your next play through, but it only works on the same or lower level of difficulty you finish the game in, and it offers you no trophies if you choose to use them, which makes the play through a little pointless if you’re a trophy hunter.

I would fully recommend every PS3 owner to go and play this game, but whether you really want to shell out the money to buy the game is questionable, maybe renting it would be a better option.


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