Contest – April Fools Review

hgl_barbie_promo-rlt Ok. Sorry we didn’t put this up earlier, but if you have been listening to the podcast (*hint* *hint*) you would have heard about this! Want to sit in and join the crew on an episode of Poygamerous? Here’s your chance! In addition to some other prize (which I don’t have any idea what it is.. maybe my unopened box copy of Tabula Rasa? 😛 ) we are giving away a guest spot on the show! How do you win it? I’m glad you asked.

Participate in our April Fools Review contest! Just send us via email or voicemail a review (audio or text) of a game. Isn’t that easy? What? Oh yeah.. It has to be funny… And, it should be FAKE! Give a review of a real game in some funny manner that makes us LOL. Give a review of a fake game! Whatever! If you can make us laugh then you might get our vote.

Please get your entries in by March 28 (that gives you a few days!) please. The crew of the PolyG will review the entries and pick a winner. Hopefully we will let that winner know who they are on the show the next night and then we’ll pick a day when they can hang with us on da Skype.

So, get your entries in .. Email to or call our voicemail at 407-584-7659! Just do it..

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