Mass Effect 2 – More Intercepted Info (DLC)

(Our friend deepthroat has sent us another transmission. Not only does it give us a look at kasumi and the hammerhead tank, it implies that the Illusive Man was involved with Sidonis betraying Garrus. Also apparently we should be expecting the MS2 Firewalker DLC in the coming weeks)

From: Fade
To: Illusive Man
Subject: The audio data you wanted.

This is all I could salvage from the data. Most of it was unusable but I did get one piece of audio. Whatever tech this Kasumi is using it fried the C-Sec security data at its source. Oh and thanks for the heavy mechs you sent with the payment for Sidonis. Don’t plan on using them but I’m sure I can find plenty of buyers for such high grade tech.

*transcribed audio data from C-Sec security system ZW27-9*

Operations Chief Gibbs: Now this, recruits, is the M57 Hammerhead. This beast is a heavy assault vehicle with speeds that can reach up to 120 klicks per hour. On top of that, it features a guided missile system ensuring accuracy even during aggressive maneuvering while in combat. That means, you Homo habili, that in this monster you will not only be the deadliest thing planet-side but you will also be the fastest. Plus, with the upgraded element zero hovering system there are very few environmental obstacles it can not overcome. Now, Serviceman Chung, dare I assume you know how to repair a hull should you idiots manage a breach?
Serviceman Chung: Sir! I use the reserve Omni-gel to apply a patch, Sir!
Operations Chief Gibbs: And what exactly is Omni-gel, maggot!
Serviceman Chung: Sir! I…um…
Kasumi: Omni-gel, soldier, is a compound composed of common reusable industrial plastics, ceramics, and light alloys kept in a semi-molten state. That way it has all the proper attributes to repair both armor and electronics.
Operations Chief Gibbs: Serviceman Chung how can you even stand being you. Now thank the lady for providing your worthless ass with the correct answer!
Serviceman Chung: Ma’am! Thank you, Ma’am!
Kasumi: My pleasure Serviceman.
Operations Chief Gibbs: Serviceman Chung! Where are your manners? Offer the lady your assistance!
Serviceman Chung: Ma’am! Might I be able to assist you, Ma’am!
Kasumi: Perhaps you would be a sweetheart and help a girl find a place to get some food?
Serviceman Chung: Ma’am! Right after you pass through the C-Sec office take a left and you will be in front of Zakera Café. Best food on the Citadel, Ma’am!
Kasumi: How’s their noodles?
Serviceman Chung: Ma’am! I don’t believe they serve noodles. Mainly burgers, stew, and salad, Ma’am!
Kasumi: Darn, I’ve had this craving for ramen for the longest time. Well thank you Serviceman Chung, I’ll try the café on your recommendation.

*security system ZW27-9 to ZW27-13 experienced unexplained data corruption for the next 00:01:24*

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