Ep 14: Right Behind Ya

20070626220634_miniatureforrest_v2.2 The Polygamerous crew minus Darcy welcomes Mike Schramm of Joystiq and The Incredible Podcast (of Amazing Awesomeness). Lots of news discussion including the craziness at Infinity Ward. Among other things, we have the new release list, 5 Deals in 5 Minutes and the Answers to the Question of the week.. “Do you trade-in games or keep them forever?”

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This Week In Gaming

  • (MTV Multiplayer) ‘Mass Effect 2′ Hover Tank DLC Coming In March
    BioWare promised us that we’d be getting a lot of post-launch DLC for “Mass Effect 2,” and it looks like they’re true to their word. Apart from ides, March will bring with it the “Firewalker” DLC pack, which focuses on a vehicle known as the Hammerhead hover tank. Fancy! Here’s hoping it doesn’t control like the MAKO tank from “Mass Effect 1″!

The “Firewalker” pack will be free to all those clever people that registered for the Cerberus System, the in-game DLC delivery service in “Mass Effect 2.” If you bought the game new, the package should’ve included a code, but if you bought it used you’re gonna have to pay up to get access.

Supposedly a bug in the firmware on anything but new slims. Based on a leapyear issue of some sort. Don’t even get on your PS3 until you hear the all clear (this is editorial content by mike)

All fixed now.. !

  • The Warhammer Online steins are available now for pre-order at a special introductory price here: http://www.warsteins.com. Along with the Epic Collection steins, a limited number of Legendary Collection steins signed and numbered by the respective artist and limited to only 500 of each design worldwide are also available exclusively at http://www.warsteins.com.Every stoneware Epic and Legendary Collection stein will also include an exclusive in-game item** for players with a valid subscription which can be redeemed on Warhammer Online:

    ·      Destruction The Raven Host Ale Stein A coveted gift from the

    great hall of the Warlord Tchar¹zanek. Drinking from this stein will grant a

    +15% bonus to Experience, Renown, and Influence for 120 minutes.

    ·      Order The Order of the Griffon Ale Stein A treasured gift from

    the great hall of the Emperor Karl Franz. Drinking from this stein will grant a +15% bonus to Experience, Renown, and Influence for 120 minutes.

Rumor Mill

Something’s happening at Infinity Ward right now.

A source close to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 developer just informed me that a “bunch of bouncer-types” just showed up outside of the Infinity Ward offices unannounced. When approached by employees, the non-uniformed “bouncers” were unwilling to disclose why they were there.

“Everyone is on edge,” said my source.

Infinity Ward studio heads Vince Zampella and Jason West reportedly met with Activision this morning and have not been seen by Infinity Ward staff members since. My source did not delve into specifics, but described the relationship between Infinity Ward and Activision lately as “tense.”

The mood around the Infinity Ward offices is currently described as “freaked out” and “confused.”

“We just wanna make our games,” said my source.

5 Deals in 5 Minutes

  1. As part of its latest Madness Sale, GoGamer.com offers deals on several video games, PC games, and more. Plus, apply coupon code “SHIPFREE25″ at checkout to bag free shipping. Two notable deals include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for PlayStation 3 for $39.90 and Mass Effect 2 for Xbox 360 for $44.90
  2. Amazon.com offers the Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite Game Console Holiday Bundle, model no. 52V-00088, bundled with a $50 Amazon Gift Card for $299. This bundle includes the Xbox 360 Elite system with HDMI, 120GB hard drive, wireless controller, HDMI and component HD AV cables, headset, Ethernet cable, Xbox LIVE Silver Membership, LEGO Batman: The Video Game, and PURE and of course the 50 dollar giftcard.
  3. Everyones favorite price, FREE has shown its head this week, Mail.com offers downloads of Dream Vacation Solitaire for Windows for free. It features 30 solitaire games and 35 levels. The perfect surprise gift if you have a mom like mine who only uses the computer to play card games, and click every internet popup imaginable so you have to reformat the computer every 3 months.
  4. gohastings.com is still at it with their huge used game clearence sale, with unheard of prices starting at $1.38 for xbox 360 titles and  $2.76 for ps3 titles. Be sure to check out the pre-owned copy of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for Xbox 360 for $7.58
  5. Walmart.com is sticking its head out with another great bundle deal across ALL platforms. Selection does vary but the prices are rock solid.

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