Special Episode 1: Interview with Max Schaefer

avatar-brinkWe have a special treat for you all! The Polygamerous team tracked down the infamous (ok, not so infamous, more like famous and we think he’s pretty awesome ourselves..) Max Schaefer, CEO of Runic Games. Darcy, Russell and Andy sat down (sadly Mike was only lurking in the bushes) and grilled him mercilessly for hours on end (ok, only an hour, but we really WANTED to talk forever.. Especially Russell..). It was an amazing discussion about Torchlight, Max’s history in gaming and a bunch of new exclusive (I think) information and surprises on “what’s next” for Runic Games and the Multiplayer Online game in the Torchlight universe.

Max shared what it’s like working with a committed team of developers to overcome the challenges of starting over from scratch and just what is in a name. We discussed the influences and decisions that went into developing Torchlight and its accessibility for players. If playing Torchlight as a single player game has whet your appetite for a Torchlight MMO, you’ll be excited to hear the hints and tidbits Max shared of what’s to come. Could there be a co-op in the works? Never want to give up your pet? You’ll want to listen in on this fantastic interview.

We suggest that, like Andy, you sit and listen to this one over and over. Thanks again Max and Runic Games for this opportunity to drag out this information, kicking and screaming.. If you can’t tell that we are big fans, then you just didn’t listen close enough.

If you HAVEN’T played Torchlight yet, what are you waiting for? (It even works on Netbooks!)

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