Ep 11: Life, You’re Doing it Wrong

doing_it_wrong We’ve got more news this week than you can shake a decently sized stick at. A few rumors and the now weekly 5 deals in 5 minutes! We go over what we’ve been playing and talk about why y’all play games instead of knitting…

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This Week In Gaming

Rumor Mill

The following come from our super-secret undercover triple-double latte half-caf with a twist of lemon agent..

5 Deals in 5 Minutes

  1. P.C. Richard & Son Slect title clearence. Games like Brutal Legends, Ghostbusters, Guitar Hero Metallica and more for $19.99 and $2.99 shipping. Link went down so you have to search for titles hopefully they get the link back up and working.
  2. Amazon jumps on the platinum hits train with a buy 2 get 1 free deal on xbox 360 hits and dont forget free shipping.
  3. Gamefly is offering 50% off HUNDREDS of used games, some come with free shipping and games begin a $7.99
  4. HOT deals on Logitech equipment including a mice, ps3 controllers and laser keyboards. Including more than 50% some gaming mice.
  5. For those who like to shop in actual stores, Best Buy rewards zone is offering printable coupons for $5, $10, and $20 off select console titles, including $20 off coupon for Resident Evil 5, and a $10 coupon for Prototype.

Twitter Question of the Week

Why do you play video/computer games? (as opposed to sports, kitting, art, sleeping, etc)

  • TheLouG : I play because it’s a form of entertainment that keeps me safe and lets me interact with people from far away
  • Ninthbatter: Well I do both but I think it’s because it’s harmless competition/ a deep puzzle, and it’s fun…
  • Bryterside: I play to relax 2 kids under two can be stressful. That and I’m too lazy to do anything else.
  • Wowcynwise: I play to blow off stress from a full time job and parenting 2 small kids.
  • Stoppableforce: I game because I have been gaming since I was 6, and it connects me to a lot of other people who share the same interests.
  • Dechion: I play as fairly cheap entertainment. I also get to have my fun while still being availible to my wife and kids (ie. at home)
  • Tartdarling: I play because I love the stories. And the people. Gamers are some of the best people I know <3
  • Onekyfemme: because i need to be doing something with my hands and mind – i can’t just sit and stare at a box.
  • Valkyrierisen: I play cuz it’s cheap entertainment. Going out I spend way more $. Hours of entertainment. Social MMOs too!
  • TheMightyGresh: I game ’cause it’s been my hobby since I was a kid, and it takes my mind off of real world things for a few hours.
  • Rhoelyn: Sometimes, I ask myself the same question. 1) For the friends I love that are across the world. 2) Because games are way easier and more straightforward than real life. Goals and the paths to reach them are so much more clear in games.
  • Demeternoth:  I play them as well as other things, but instead of watching TV of an evening mainly.
  • Tami_moore: Video games are a way for my husband and friends and myself to socialize. Cocktail parties are for sissies, give me a dungeon run!
  • Anafielle: I like the community aspect of playing wow and working towards a common goal (raiding) with lots of other people.
  • PartTimeDruid: I play games due to their interactive nature. I also get a sense of accomplishment that I can’t get from watching TV or movies.


Marty Google Transcription:

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Actual Question:

Hello this is Marty and I have a question for polygamerous. With the philosophy of bang for your buck, would you play a 60 hour shooter? Because that really doesn’t sound that fun to me. While I could see playing a 60 hour RPG a 60 hour shooter would be too much. So what’s a good balance, should it be about how fun they are or how much time they take up? Thank You.

Swedish Chef Voicemail Transcription:

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Actual Quesion:

With BioShock2 coming out you will be saving or harvesting little sisters

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