Mass Effect 2 – Intercepted Transmission

We recently got our hands on this intercepted transmission.. We are pretty certain that the subject of this message might be available to join Shepard’s crew of misfits sometime in the near future (we’re talkin’ DLC here baby!) …

From: Specter Blasto
To: The Council
Subject: The Thief

This one has been investigating the theft on Illium of an omni-gel converter prototype. This one has tracked a human known as Kasumi to the Citadel in hopes of recovering the prototype. Unfortunately this one is unable to pursue Kasumi at this time. Regrettably, this one has been called to a hearing about the extranet film this one is portrayed in. This one does not use such phrases as "Enkindle THIS." The only occasion this one has ever used such language is when this one was fighting a human named Zaeed Massani and this one merely stated "Proceed with removing its weapon from its holster, make this one’s planet cycle."


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