Episode 10: Sheep Dragon Goes Blarghh

sheep_dragon This week the gang welcomes Nicole Spag from the Ladies of Leet podcast! We celebrate our decasode (10th Episode) in style with awesome discussions on everything gaming. Lots of gaming news and a little “hint” of humor. While the episode isn’t “explicit”, it isn’t for the faint of heart! Oh yeah, and we might talk about Mass Effect 2 a little.. Just a warning.

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This week in Gaming

(No particular order)

  1. WiiWaa
  2. The Grinder
  3. Shank
  4. Enslaved
  5. Metro 2033
  6. Naughty Bear
  7. Super Meat Boy
  8. Warp Gate
  9. DeathSpank
  10. Data East Arcade Classics
  11. The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom
  12. Okamiden
  13. Animales de la Muerte
  14. Closure
  15. 3D Dot Game Heroes

Rumor Mill

  • (Gamasutra) EA hints at more social gaming acquisitions
    “You’re seeing a focus in our [mergers and acquisitions] activity being on companies that will enhance our digital strategy,” said EA Sports’s Peter Moore in an interview with Reuters. “It allows you to go out and go get more friends, get more people involved. You’re building a labor force quite frankly that helps you build your game and be more powerful or more relevant in that game environment.”  (Compensates for loss revenue of packaged console games, marketing tool, source for new ideas)
  • (Gamasutra) 10 PS3 Wand controller games on the way… “Sony will release “around 10 or so” titles for the motion controller within the year, including sports games and pet-raising games.”
  • (GamePro) An announcement on Media Vision’s Japanese website indicates that the company known for creating the Wild Arms series will be collaborating with Square Enix on a new RPG for the iPhone. ??
  • Ninthbatter:after having a total protonic reversal, I was informed that we may see an announcement for new mass effect DLC as soon as next week or the week after. And we should keep our eyes out for the next land shark “Hamerhead”. This land shark will hover though…

The following come from our super-secret undercover triple-double latte half-caf with a twist of lemon agent.. and no, I don’t know what a lemon agent is.. maybe it’s something you clean with? Like oxyclean maybe…

  • rumors of a new Twisted Metal; David Jaffe refuses to confirm or deny, but says that if they *were* making a new Twisted Metal, it’d be a franchise reboot
  • Sega wants to make a Shenmue III but they have admitted it’d be financially risky, because none of the previous games made anywhere near what they cost to distribute – but they’ve reportedly said they’ll make it a console-exclusive if one of big 3 console makers finances it
  • More Sega news: rumors has it the so-called “Project Needlemouse” is the long-awaited Sonic the Hedgehog 4.. Which will be a Mega Man 9-style reboot of the Sonic franchise – which it sorely needs
  • BioWare is, unsurprisingly, already hard at work on Dragon Age 2 – and is pushing the graphics engine to its maximum to make it look better than DA:O
  • Q Entertainment is trying to gauge, via a Twitter message last week, if PS3 owners would pay $15 for a PS3 version of Rez HD. No indication it’s happening, they’re just researching feasibility. They need there to be enough demand to do moer than just break even on recouping development costs.


Google Voice Transcription:
Hello, this is not the and back with you. Hope all week in the lease easy. We specific to coming at 1:50 AM, E he is. He must be blaming. Hey, you will be able to pull all society’s problems, this is 612. The at alcohol ways and with why did you guys who uses. Thank you.

Question: With Masseffect 2 coming out.. Media is again blaming gaming on all societies ills like sexuality and alcoholism why do you guys think this is?

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