Episode 9: Boots With A T

542710-puss_large Russell finds the “sweet spot” this week and rejoins the crew. Lots of Mass Effect 2 talk (was there any other news?), Sims 3 is the best selling PC game of 2009. Some rumors including a possible Oblivion MMO and the skinny on the Playstation Arc. Also, our Twitter Question of the Week: Do you Preorder Games?

Also: Next week we have a special Guest! Nicole from Ladies of Leet podcast! It’s an awesome podcast so go check em out (after you listen to ours first.. of course)

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Rumor Mill

  • (Bio Break/Moon Over Endor) Rumor: Oblivion MMO in the works
  • (gamespy) Rumor: New Zelda is Majora’s Mask Sequel
  • (gamespy) Rumor: EA Working on Apple’s Tablet Device
  • Sony registered a domain for the PlayStation Arc (probably the name for their motion control thingymabbober), the PS3 is purportedly finally hacked (by the same guy who hacked the iPhone 3GS)
  • OnLive has finally gone into beta; verdict: laggy
  • with the announcement of the dragon age origins expansion, bioware has stated you will have 5 all new party members and one returning from the original game. After destroying something beautiful at my local fight club I heard from a reliable source that the only returning party member will be Oghren! So in march be looking forward to having the drunk red head berserker making a return.

Reviews / Discussion

Twitter Question of the Week: Do you Preorder games? And, If you do, Do you get them from a Brick and Mortar or Online?

  • Starmike: Always, and the collector’s edition if it has something valuable. Always from Gamestop b/c too many times shipping is delayed vi UPS
  • Gnomaggedon: I preordered once… TBC.. 18 hours before release. I wasn’t even 60 on Gnomeaggedon then
  • Zideshow: It depends. For console, I usually pre-order via Gamestop or Best Buy. For PC, a lot of times I pre-order and d/l digitally.
  • Lougagliardi: I preorder, especially the wow xpacs or Castlevania. Brick and Mortar
  • GettingWorse: I never preorder games. I’ve yet to come across a game where they sold out on launch. Plus I’m not a special edition collector
  • Nibuca: Preorder, noun alias for “here, hold my money, I don’t need it. No really, get interest on it.. you deserve it.”
  • NinthBatter: i don’t pre-order most of the time, but now that i’m back in LA i’ll probably pre order more, brick and mortar


Voicemail from Marty.

Google Translation: Andrew muggy here again and that me for this is is that I think he realizes to remove the maybe unique and with the show. Hey, I just seeing you. Love it. And I just have these people question if necessary to coming out. Are you good with one with Quest are you guys going to be paying and true, all you guys going to be pal gone or when you get a head.

Real Question from Marty: with mass effect 2 coming out.. what class are you going to be playing? and Paragon or renegade?

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