Listener Game Review – Mass Effect 2

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me2title Yes! We have another awesome review. This time it’s of Mass Effect 2, an epic space adventure from BioWare. Our good friend, Ninthbatter, has gifted us with this awesome look at the game which comes out on PC and 360 on January 26, 2010. Enjoy!


No other word could be used to start this review but incredible, anything else would not do Mass Effect 2 justice. Many will try to classify this game as either a shooter or a RPG but neither is correct. Mass Effect 2 is a true shooter/RPG that has managed to deliver great shooter game play with all the options and depth or a RPG and also gives truly remarkable cinematic story telling.

The Story

Bioware’s Mass Effect 2 puts you back in the shoes of Commander Sheppard as you prepare for a suicide mission against the Collectors. I kid you not, if I told you what happens in the first 10 minutes of the game I would feel bad for spoiling it. Instead I’m going to just say you end up working for Cerberus which you may remember as bad guys from the first Mass Effect. Cerberus is led by Illusive Man (voiced by Martin Sheen) who realizes that the Collectors are the biggest threat to the galaxy and if they wait around for the Council of the Alliance to act it will be too late. He sends you out to recruit the best of the best in order to defeat the Collectors.


me2img2 The characters of Mass Effect 2 are the true driving force behind the game. Featuring an all-star cast including: Martin Sheen, Seth Green, Keith David, Tricia Helfer, and Michael Hogan; Mass Effect 2 delivers both diverse and deep characters. Whether it is the emotionally torn assassin or the psychopathic biotic you feel real emotion for these characters. Each once is deeply developed and are honestly the most intriguing characters I have ever seen in a game (hell if it was a movie some of these characters should be nominated for best supporting). All of them have side quests and one in particular has a very grim reality to it. After all, not every story has a happy ending.


Mass Effect 2 is a fast pace shooter/RPG that has both a very impressive shooter component and has deep specialization trees for 6 different classes. The combat is amazing, enemy AI will try to flush you out and flank you. Your companions will also have their own unique play styles that will show. While your Krogan is running around like a drunken buffalo your assassin will be taking out the enemies legs so that the buffalo can run over them. Yes that’s right, you shoot someone in the legs and they’ll crawl around. Shoot them in the arm and they’ll nurse it. Plus instead of just swapping out armor for the one that’s better, you’re able to upgrade your gear and customize it.


Are you sitting down? Trust me you’ll want to be seated for this. Ok ,are you ready? No more mako. That’s right no more seizure tank. Instead when you travel to a new planet you’ll be able to rotate the planet until you find a point of interest then you’ll land right at that point. Another new addition is your ship has a fuel gauge now. You’ll be exploring the traverse and you’ll need to watch that fuel gauge or else you’ll have to burn precious resources that you went out there to get in the first place.

The Cons

me2img1 The main story is a bit of a disappointment when compared to the companions’ side quests, but I understand that when writing the second part of any trilogy you can only give away so much without spoiling your third installment. Also mining still sucks but then again I’m pretty sure mining isn’t very fun in real life either.
That’s it, out of everything I could only pick out that as the cons and they as so minor it’s ridicules to consider them as facts that would stop you from buying this game.

The Verdict

Mass Effect 2 is a masterpiece that delivers amazing gameplay with a immersive world. When all is said and done and you have explored every world and done every quest you feel a little sad knowing that it’s over. But take solace my good gamer for there will be a Mass Effect 3. So for having a amazing cinematic presentation, having excellent combat, and having a supporting cast of truly remarkable characters and a dynamic lead; Mass Effect 2 gets 5 Krogan testicles out of 5. Seriously 5/5 go buy a copy.

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