Polly Wolly Doodle – A Glossary

100700-81052-professor-frink_large For our fans, I have collected this glossary of important terms and posted them here for reference.
  • Polygamerites : People who listen to Polygamerous
  • Polygamerized/Polygameration: Having been or the process of being turned into someone who plays more than 1 game.
  • Polygameria: The condition of playing TOO many games (is this possible?)
  • Polygameritis: Sick of playing more than 1 game.
  • Polygamerology: The study of playing more than 1 game (or the study of people who do so)
  • Polygamologist: An expert in Polygamerology (maybe they got a phD?)
  • Polygamery: The process of playing more than 1 game.
  • Polygamerable: Someone who has the potential to play more than 1 game (but maybe currently doesn’t?)
  • Polygamerist: Someone who plays more than 1 game.
  • Polygamerator: A machine that turns someone into a Polygmerist (is it evil? is it good?)
  • Polymer: Has nothing to do with Polygamerous, but it starts with Poly…

Got any more? Comment here and let us rejoice in your Polygamerantics … (Clowning around whilst/about playing more than 1 game)

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