Live! – Last of 2009

image Yes! For the last time (this year), we are live tonight! Same bat time (8:30pm PST) .. Same bat channel.. We’ll be talking the last bits of news to come out of the industry for this year PLUS we’ll be going over OUR (and your) favorite games of 2009! If you haven’t already let us know yours, you can email us at or send a twitter to @fimlys or @polygamerous .. If you get it in before showtime, we’ll read it on the air! (or is that on the net??)

Also, we’ve got a super special guest tonight on the show! It’s Syrana from Sideshow and Syrana. The creator of the name of our podcast! She’s taking Eddie’s spot and joining Mike, Andy and Russell LIVE! Be there or be … um.. not there.. but we hope you are there! Let your friends know and if they (or you) can’t make it to the live show there is always the recorded podcast you can pick up on iTunes or right here in a few days.

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Gamer/Podcaster/Blogger - Mike, who is also known as Fimlys in the WoW community, is the Author of Asleep at the WoW Blog ( ) and Co-Host on the Twisted Nether Blogcast ( ) and HotsCast a Podcast about Heroes of the Storm. He also produces Polygamerous and does the web maintenance. An avid gamer, he's played since his parents first bought him an Atari 2600.. Back in the stone-age...