polyLogo Hey there and welcome to a new Podcast/Blog (mostly podcast, I think). Welcome to Polygamerous. As you might have figured out from the name, we are all about gaming! ALL gaming.. Well, video/computer gaming anyway. The idea is that we love gaming want to share that love with you! We also find it much easier to talk about it than write about it. So, a podcast.

We are a member of the Gaming Studio Network, a community for gamers!

Oh wait.. Who are we? Well, we consists of Mike “Fimlys” from the Twisted Nether Blogcast, Andy “Daewin” and Eddie “Brigwyn” from the Hunting Lodge Podcast and Russell “Rustee” from the Slash 2 Podcast.

Our plan at this point is to record on Mondays. Not necessarily EVERY Monday, but we will definitely post the schedule as soon as we have it ironed out. We WILL be having our first episode recording LIVE (as all will be) at 8pm PST on 11/30/2009. If you can show up in the Gaming Studio Network USTREAM room at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/gaming-studio-network . Join us! It will be a fun time.. Especially since we still aren’t exactly sure what we are doing. The hosts are all “seasoned” podcasters, but it’s a new show.. So check us out!

We will be available on iTunes as soon as we get one episode up, so you will be able to subscribe to us there, but you can also subscribe to our RSS feed over there in the top right corner.

Polygamerous needs your help! As part of the new podcast, we want to have a cool new feature. 1-Minute Review! Obviously these are 1 minute (or less) reviews of a video/computer/mobile game that you liked/disliked. Please make sure to include, in the audio, your name, the game’s name, publisher (if you know it) and platform(s). Record in any way you can mp3/ogg/iphone and send to fimlys at gmail.com .. Email any questions also to there. New games/old games/whatever! This will be an ongoing feature, so keep em coming..

Oh.. And we have to say thank you to Syrana from the WoW blog Sideshow and Syrana for our name!

About MikeH

Gamer/Podcaster/Blogger - Mike, who is also known as Fimlys in the WoW community, is the Author of Asleep at the WoW Blog ( http://aatwow.fimlys.com ) and Co-Host on the Twisted Nether Blogcast (http://www.twistednether.net ) and HotsCast a Podcast about Heroes of the Storm. He also produces Polygamerous and does the web maintenance. An avid gamer, he's played since his parents first bought him an Atari 2600.. Back in the stone-age...